Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy Indoctrination.

Julian Trevelyan

In the Netherlands, the 30th April, is the Queen's official birthday, I woke up amazingly to a rather beautiful day it seemed that the storm from the night before, had blown away.

After awhile when I was a bit more awake, I turned the television on and was treated to the charming sight of a bustling town centre full of happy people.

Then I realised that everybody was waving little Dutch flags and singing the national anthem, they also had a large children's choir.

Once again I remembered why I am not keen on Queens Day, the Queen's official birthday here in the Netherlands used to be in September.

This was moved to 30 April, so that they could take the focus away from 1 May, which is May Day, the workers holiday.

So in order to weaken the concept of workers solidarity, they changed the dates which seems to have worked very well for the Dutch state.

I have no objections to having a holiday, but I really do not like the way the day is used to indoctrinate people with nationalism.

As it was beautiful weather for the first time since 2009, there are lots of people out on the streets enjoying themselves.

It is lovely to see people having a good time, what makes me sad is to see how they are all being manipulated without realising it.

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