Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Pleasant Afternoon.

Dorothea Tanning 

This afternoon was pleasantly derailed by a friend coming round, just as Richie had got me back into bed after a long shower the phone rang.

 It was Cecile asking whether it was okay for her to come around, she had mentioned that she might be able to come by today.

Very good to see her, she was here not too long ago and surprised me then with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in my favourite colours, lots of vibrant pinks and reds.

When Cecile rang 14.30 she said she would only pop by briefly and ended up staying until 18.30 which was really nice.

She brought some delicious Italian Limóncella with her its a delicious lemon liqueur which is very nice, it was fun sitting here talking and sipping the citrus drink.

I'm glad she came to visit its nice to see somebody spontaneously like that which is something that doesn't happen often enough these days.

That is because of my routine which is of course so different to when I was mobile then it was never a problem for a friend to drop by unexpectedly.

Being so handicapped has really changed our lives so dramatically; I think it is a good idea to try and scheduling more of these unplanned visits.

This is good for us, it will mean we won't be so isolated and it would be good for our friends to be able to come and see us more often.                                                            

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