Friday, May 04, 2012

TheYears Rolled Away.

Keith Haring
It was wonderful to see Jaya again, the last time we saw her was 2006 in our old apartment, when I was waiting to hear the result of my MRI.

No wonder that during her visit then, we could not do any of the things we used to enjoy doing, like stroll around town, looking at shops going to the markets and visiting our favourite coffee shop the Basjoe to see James and Leo.

That was because I couldn't walk very far, at the time we did not know why, I did my best to hobble using my Nordic sticks and we did manage three little trips.

I'm so glad that Jaya is here now; I've got so worried when she sent me a mail saying that she was coming to see us at the beginning of May.

I really panicked wondering what it would be like for her to see me as I am now; she reassured me that everything would be all right.

She wrote so much has changed for both of us, especially for you, but despite that we are still ourselves, our essence is unchanged.

And she was right, I had a moment of panic when Jaya first walked in, but that vanished immediately.

The years just seemed to roll away, it did not matter how long ago it was 
since we last saw each other.

None of that mattered, what did was that we are very good friends, and have been for a long time now, I think we first met in 1979, that is 33 years ago.

It really is wonderful to have Jaya here again; we've been talking and talking which is wonderful.

I shall stop now, do a spell check and then read the piece thoroughly, because using speech recognition means that sometimes you swallow words, so it's a good idea to read it out loud several times.

As soon as I've done that I will be ready to carry on talking with my dearest friend Jaya, who I love very much.

It is so good that she is here, to spend time with my Darling Richie and myself; we are so lucky to have such a good friend like Jaya.


Webster said...

Hi Herrad,
I too have a friend whom I can go years without seeing and the time just melts away when we do get together. It's a wonderful feeling to have someone in your life who knows you so well. Happy for you that you had three lovely days with Jaya.

And lovely that it was back to back with your visit with Anja. Too bad that her Social Worker skills weren't enough to help you get a face-to-face with the court in Amsterdam. I hope they will change their mind and grant you an air conditioner. After all, all this fiddling around is costing them more than the darned A/C will cost. That's assuming it's the kind that fits in a window. Wishing you luck from Tacoma WA USA where it might reach 70F on Monday! The first time since last September.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great to hear you had a nice visit. Have a great weekend, love, mary

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
It is good to have friends like that isn't , I'm glad you have that too, another close friend will be visiting in August.
I'm looking forward to it very much. I agree with you about the air conditioning.
Luckily still cool here, sometimes so cold that we put the heating on. I hope you got your 70f.

Hi Mary,
it was a truly great visit, we laughed and cried and couldn't stop talking.
In fact Richie had to tell us that it was gone one o'clock in the morning and wouldn't it be a good idea to go to bed now which of course we agreed with immediately.
I hope your weekend pleasant.

Thank you very much too dear friends for coming by it really makes my day to see your comments.