Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Positive Appointment.

Zdzislaw Beksiski

This afternoon has gone quickly after the long appointment with Maurits, my occupational therapist and Werner, an advisor from RTD Het Dorp was over.

It started late because Werner could not find a parking space, however once he got here it was well worth waiting.

We discussed with him my problems with using the gadget that allowed me a small modicum of freedom to control some of my environment.

The iPAQ let me operate the bed, turn on the light, switch on the TV as well as open the front door and our apartment door, once I have checked with the intercom who is at the door.

I explained that I could no longer use the gadget as well as I could before my hand function got worse.

Richie backed me up totally saying that he was the one to operate the bed, turn the light on now that my hands were too weak.

 Also nine times out of 10 he also turns on the television and brings me the telephone on which he activates the loudspeaker so I don't have to hold the phone which I can't do anymore. 

Werner listened carefully to everything we said, he asked questions and made suggestions.

After a short time it was clear to him that I needed to have the functionality of the iPAQ on the computer that Icould operate operate by using the Seetech software.

Before the end of the appointment Maurits and Werner started getting the application organised.

When I asked, they both said that they would complete the application and would get it sent next week.

It was a very good appointment, Werner was a nice person, and most importantly he was a good listener and communicated very well with us.

I think that this application for the long awaited Seetech will be successful; hopefully it won't take too long, although there always is a wait of up to 2 months.

Hopefully this time it will be quicker, as the application is from the same company just updated to include the iPAQ functions.

Today's appointment has left me feeling optimistic, it was good to be listened to and feel that finally I would be getting what I need which is very important for me now, so that I can carry on doing the things I enjoy.


Gareth said...

Hi there folks just popping by to say a BIG HELLO and sorry for lack of contact. Glad your appointment went well and really hope it the system come soon. Hope to call you soon BIG LOVE @HUGS to ALL GXXX

Herrad said...

Hello Gareth,
it was a very positive appointment, sadly Werner, the sales representative from RTD did not up to now, keep his promise to keep me informed when he would send in the paperwork and he also promised to find out details of a German dictionary for me. It really just confirms for me the type of company they are. I'll be glad to get equipment plus training and hopefully I won't need them after that.
Love, Herrad
Flowers arriving 31st for your mum