Sunday, May 27, 2012

Looking Forward


Kay Sage 

What a truly dreadful afternoon that was yesterday, we went to the bathroom so much later than normal around 15.00 and by the time we were finished it was 19.00.

Then later on we both forgot that I hadn't been got out of bed at 21.00 as we had planned, so I could do the leg and arm exercises using the Motomed and going to the bathroom

We’re both really quite disappointed that we've forgotten these basic things, especially as we had watching things on the telly to fill the time before the very last Later with Jools Holland was on BBC two.

There wasn't a lot of time left before the programme started, Richie managed it somehow which was brilliant.

I would never have wanted to miss last nights show, so glad we did as right at the end Jools Holland announced that it was the end of this series.

Very disappointing to hear that, now we will have to wait patiently until the program Later with Jools Holland comes back in September.

It is such a good program; it's really great to see so many good bands and singers, fabulous to see so much new talent.

As well as fantastic favourites, this week both on Tuesday evening as well as last night Jimmy Cliff was there with his wonderful band.

I love Jimmy Cliff, his songs are brilliant, his voice is so good and still is, and then there are his fabulous clothes.

The other thing is that he is not a Rastafarian; in fact he doesn't agree with it at all, he always wears a red star to show what his politics are.

Been absolutely wonderful that we've been able to watch Later with Jools Holland for the last six weeks, it's just so hard to hear that it was the last show of this series.

It never feels like nearly 2 month it always feels much quicker than that, it's a real shame that there is no other good cutting edge music programs like Later with Jools Holland.

Once the two ‘extravaganzas’ in England are over, we won't have to be constantly bombarded with how wonderful the Queen is, as well as the hype surrounding the Olympics.

Then there is something good to look forward to in the autumn, but first we have European Cup Football to look forward to, this is happening sometime soon in June.

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