Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Protect Freedom Of Choice

Joseph Cornell

Thankfully our coalition government has gone and there will be new elections in September when once again the election charade will be played out.

At the moment they are still seemingly going through with some of the coalition's proposed new legislation, one of their brainwaves is to restrict people using coffee shops.

They are now proposing that people who use the coffee shops become registered members, with membership cards.

However the downside is that you can only become a member of one coffee shop and you can only become a member if you live and are registered in the Netherlands.

This means that tourists will no longer be able to go to them, which means that they will maybe choose to go somewhere else for their holidays than the Netherlands.

I wonder if they can really restrict people from being members in more than one shop, can you imagine the row there would be if people could only sign up to use one shop for their shopping.

Imagine if suddenly you were told that you could only use one baker, one butcher, one supermarket, where would your freedom of choice be to spend your hard earned money where you wanted to.
It is amazing that they can't see the consequences of their actions, these conservative reactionaries don't realise that the effects of making this law, will cost the economy lots of money.

And additionally they will lose all those tourists to other countries such as Portugal where they can use the coffee shops without a problem and enjoy wonderful weather and excellent food, neither of which they can enjoy here.

In my opinion they have really shot themselves in the foot by proposing this ridiculous knee-jerk legislation.

What I find very worrying is that nobody seems to be protesting about this, I hope I'm wrong about this.

I shall investigate this and see if coffee shops as well customers are demanding action be taken to prevent the freedom of choice being taken away.


Webster said...

OMG OMG OMG Are you fucking kidding me?

One party wants people to become "card carrying" coffee drinkers who are beholden to ONE shop for their caffeine fix? (Is marijuana still sold in coffee shops in Amsterdam? Is coffee the new metaphor for pot?)

I'm laughing and shaking my head over here. Please try to explain what they are thinking. It makes absolutely NO political sense to me.

Herrad said...

hello Webster,
the coalition government have decided to stop tourists from using coffee shops where you can buy cannabis.
They also want to stop people living and working here from using more than one shop. sorry I forgot not everybody knows where we buy cannabis in the Netherlands.