Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunshine In Our Hearts

Jaya and Herrad, Amsterdam.

After three days of having our lovely friend Jaya here visiting us, we realised it was nearly time for her to go, we had one hour left then she sadly had to leave.

We all cried buckets of tears, then dried our eyes and enjoyed our last hour together, which typically went much too fast and before we knew it was nearly 15.00 and Jaya had to go.

I cried, Richie did too, then we reminded ourselves what a beautiful few days it had been, seeing our good friend Jaya again, has been good for the three of us.

Last night Richie remarked that Jaya's visit has given us a lot of positivity which we were lacking, it is good her visit has given us such a boost.

By four o'clock I finally managed to stop crying and concentrate on remembering all the lovely moments of the visit.

Considering that Jaya did not arrive until 20.00 on Thursday and had to leave at 15.00 today, Sunday.

 We really did manage to get a lot of talking, laughing and reminiscing done, of course sometimes we cried when remembering sad events in our pasts.

I'm so glad I did not let my nerves stop me seeing such a dear, good friend like Jaya.

We've known each other 33 years now, I think that we have a very special friendship, I'm so glad that Richie and Jaya really hit it off when they met.

We really are so fortunate, the three of us, Richie Jaya and me for being such close friends, a very special friendship indeed one that I treasure always.

These three days have been wonderful, and they will give us alot of strength and positivity to carry on making the best of everything that we can, it will also be difficult but I'm sure we will be all right, Jaya left sunshine in our hearts.


Webster said...

I am glad that both you and Richie still feel the boost of this lovely visit. It also was nice to hear that you were able to sit in your chair for awhile. Progress is being made. Good luck with your A/C hearing (via phone).

Anonymous said...

Hallo Herrad...glad you had an uplifting visit with you friend. I am back online having finally gotten wifi...YAY!Hope you are doing well. There is a new MS website called you have to do a search for the link, don't try type in the address. Love and Hugs...Juli<3

Herrad said...

Hi KP,
thanks for your visit as well as your lovely comment. Seeing old friends is always good.

Hi Stephany,
lovely to see your comment, I hope you are well and your studies are progressing as you want them to. I'm sure you will do very well, hugs.

Hi Sherry,
it was wonderful, I agree with you I too wish I could meet all my blogging friends and you are definitely on the list right at the top. I would love to meet you I think we would have a laugh together.

Hi pb,
I like your quote thanks for coming by leaving your lovely comment.
I often think of you too.

Thanks to you four lovely friends for coming by and leaving comments which I appreciate more than I can say.
Jaya's visit was wonderful for all three of us. It was so good to see her again, she is such a good friend.
A real shame she lives so far away now, it used to be great when she could come over three times a year from England.
Once she's back home in Canada we will stay in touch via Skype and telephone and now we have seen each other again we will have lots to talk about.
Thinking of you all.