Saturday, May 05, 2012

Good Friends Are A Life Enriching Experience

Julian Trevelyan 

Seeing Jaya again has been marvellous, correction it is marvellous as she is here with us until tomorrow lunchtime.

Then sadly this wonderful visit will be over, leaving the three of us with beautiful memories of re-bonding with our dearest friend Jaya.

To think that I nearly panicked and sent an e-mail to say please don't come, I don't think that I will be able to cope.

So glad now that I discussed it with Richie and took his advice, that everything will be all right especially once Jaya was here.

Richie was right of course, we just clicked once more and seamlessly picked up where we left off in 2006.

It really is great to have such a good friend like Jaya, I remember instantly liking her when we met in Reading, England in 1979.

We both came to England at the same age, Jaya from Kenya, and I from Trinidad, both having to adjust to an often unfriendly and racist new country.

Which was difficult for both of us, I'm so glad that our mutual friend Jeanette introduced us, knowing Jaya has been such a life enriching experience.

I'm so glad I didn't say don't come, so very happy to see her, and be able to talk to her again.

This visit was just what we both needed, and the best thing is its not over yet we still have hours left to enjoy each other's company.


Gareth said...

Hi Folks How wonderfull to read about your friends visit. Will have everything crossed for wednesday. Hope to ring you tomorrow

Travelogue for the Universe said...

A great story. Great friends. Have a great week. Love, mary

Herrad said...

hi Gareth,
it was a truly wonderful visit and it was really good you've called while she was still here as Jaya remembered you from our lovely afternoon watching the boat parade in 2003.

hi Mary,
I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our lovely visitor and how wonderful it was for us to see each other once again.

I'm having such fun answering the comments using Dragon is so much easier for me now and I don't have to rein in how much I want to say which I had to do as soon as my hands got worse.

Thanks both you dear friends for coming by.