Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Quiet And Relaxed Tuesday

Mimi Parent 

Today has been a very relaxed and quiet day with not too much happening, apart from my laptop not starting up right away.

This always causes me a bit of tension that somehow I didn't get tense today, I think that is all down to the good feelings that Jaya’s visit generated.

We spoke on the phone last night it was really lovely to hear her voice, Jaya is off to spend three days in Dublin with two dear friends of hers, Nancy and Eddie.

I hope she has a brilliant time over there, another mutual friend of ours Nur left me a message on Face Book saying that he would phone Jaya while she was in Dublin, I hope he does as she really wants to meet with him again.

I do hope it works out as it is so rewarding to meet up with friends, I know I was worried before Jaya arrived and so was she.

So glad we both had the courage to shrug aside our anxieties and worries and see each other, so happy we did.

Seeing Jaya again as being exceptionally good, not just for me but also for Richie and I guess also far our friends here who I am sure are happy for us.

It was just so nice to have somebody else here for us both, Richie and I to relate to, it did us such a lot of good and it also has given Jaya a huge boost too.

Nothing better really then to see good friends and spend time with them, Jaya's visit has opened up the prospect of more visits, which I will now look forward to wholeheartedly and without any worries.

Jaya's visit has confirmed for me that despite what this horrible illness, Multiple Sclerosis has done to me, and my body it hasn't changed one iota of who I am; I am still very much me.


KParthasarathi said...
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KParthasarathi said...

I just now read all the posts regarding your friend Jaya's visit and the happy time you had with her reminiscing the old days.I am glad to hear that Tuesday was quiet and relaxed.I wish and pray all days are enjoyable,Herrad

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, thinking of you!

Have Myelin? said...

How wonderful!

I wish I could meet my bloggy friends. What a treat that would be! And you'd be on the list!

Have a good day.

pb said...

"When you are in need of love, they give you care and attention." Queen's take on Friends.

So glad you have people you can love and trust.

You are often in my thoughts and prayers.

Herrad said...

Hi KP,
thanks for your visit as well as your lovely comment. Seeing old friends is always good.

Hi Stephany,
lovely to see your comment, I hope you are well and your studies are progressing as you want them to. I'm sure you will do very well, hugs.

Hi Sherry,
it was wonderful, I agree with you I too wish I could meet all my blogging friends and you are definitely on the list right at the top. I would love to meet you I think we would have a laugh together.

Hi pb,
I like your quote thanks for coming by leaving your lovely comment.
I often think of you too.

Thanks to you four lovely friends for coming by and leaving comments which I appreciate more than I can say.
Jaya's visit was wonderful for all three of us. It was so good to see her again, she is such a good friend.
A real shame she lives so far away now, it used to be great when she could come over three times a year from England.
Once she's back home in Canada we will stay in touch via Skype and telephone and now we have seen each other again we will have lots to talk about.
Thinking of you all.