Monday, May 07, 2012

A Strange Day.

Mimi Parent 

Monday was so strange not having our lovely friend Jaya here with us; it is always so very lovely and easy to have her around.

Then when she goes, it is so quiet here, without the company of such a good friend like Jaya.

We're so glad she spent time with us last week, we, all three of us did so need to spend that time together.

The upside of a good visit is that it fills you with energy and allows you to view life in a more positive manner.

The downside is that once our visitor had gone, the apartment became quite quiet again without the sound of Jaya's lovely voice.

But despite feeling sad that she is no longer here, I feel a lot of joy for the fact that she has been here and we've had three days of a lot of talking, laughing and crying and generally enjoying each other's company.

Brilliant to have had this wonderful opportunity to spend valuable time with such a brilliant woman and good friend like Jaya is.

I was telling Mathilda my physiotherapist about the lovely visit near the end of our physiotherapy session when the phone rang and Eva another friend of ours announced she was coming round.

What a splendid surprise, the other one had been the arrival of a parcel from  Arden, a friend from Florida, full of goodies such as huge tamarind sweets from Trinidad, sadly with no pepper but nice, as well as two pairs of gorgeous earrings and a box of coconuts patties and some pretty postcards.

Then Eva arrived full of stories of her long holiday in Nepal, it sounded like she had a wonderful time and best of all she met a lovely man who makes her laugh.

She told me that she finally found her very own Richie, sounds good; he is not only from Scotland but also an excellent cook which is brilliant.

Very nice to find out that the day after Jaya left turned out to be quite a pleasant day after all, now I am looking forward to plenty more good days.

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