Sunday, May 20, 2012

Didier Drogba with the Champions League Trophy 2012

 Didier Drogba 

I had a really good day yesterday after I had read the whole of the registered letter I received from the Amsterdam Court.

Once I'd read the entire contents of the document, it took a bit of time seeing as it was legal language.

Then I rang my friend Anja who had represented me at the appeal hearing to tell her, in fact I read the conclusion of the letter to her.

She could immediately confirm that I had indeed won my appeal against the rejection of my application for air conditioning.

Once Anja gave me her confirmation that my case against Amsterdam Council had been successful I was really overjoyed.

I'm really so glad that I persisted with this and wouldn't give up, but that's me I don't give up, and was persistent just like our Jack Russell terriers are.

To celebrate I drank a tiny glass of Limoncella, that was left over from our friends Cecile’s lovely visit here on Thursday.

To make yesterday an even better day we watched the Champion’s League Final between Bayern Munchen and Chelsea.

Typically of course once it started I could barely watch it as I was so nervous, I really wanted Didier Drogba and Chelsea to win.

Not because I'm a Chelsea fan, I really am not, but because I do like Didier Drogba, I think he is a wonderful football player.

Every time I did manage to peak at the television screen it made me very nervous, and when Bayern scored first I couldn't cope any longer.

Then Didier scored which was a relief, but Chelsea needed to score again in order to win, Didier’s next attempt went over the goal which was an immense disappointment.

This meant they would now have to play extra time so another 15 minutes was played and then another 15 minutes after which it was penalties.

Bayern seemed to be winning but then one of their best players Sebastian Schweinsteiger stepped up to take his penalty shot and amazingly he missed.

He really never misses so it was quite something to see him miss, even Sebastian couldn't believe it, he was devastated, the poor fellow.

Then Didier Drogba stepped forward to take his turn and he buried it in the Bayern Munchen goal; Chelsea fans erupted with joy at winning this long coveted trophy.

The other side, Bayern Munchen were absolutely devastated they really thought that they would be the winners; in fact I think that they had never considered any other alternative.

Their supporters were absolutely in bits, a lot of them were leaving, the players were all crying on the field, quite a few of them collapsed on the ground weeping.

When they went to collect their losers medals they all took them off around their necks and carried them away in their hands, so disappointed were they at losing, what they consider their trophy.

Chelsea was overjoyed and their supporters delirious with happiness, Roman Abramowitz the owner grabbed his caretaker manager Roberto De Matteo and kissed him, he also kissed Didier Drogba and I think many others.

The Russian owner was so happy; he had spent over £1 billion trying to win the prestigious Champions League Trophy, hiring big-name managers from all over the world.

Yet it was his caretaker manager and ex-player Roberto De Matteo who finally won the trophy for Chelsea Football Club.     

How very typical and how true too, so often you can look all over for something and then find that it was right under your nose all the time.

Life is like that full of unexpected surprises; not all good but sometimes like yesterday they were brilliant; I am enjoying both.

Being in the here and now and enjoying every moment that I can, really is rewarding for me.



Gareth said...

Wow what wonderful news that you have won the appeal Bloody brilliant so happy for you folks.


Gareth said...

Wow thats wonderfull news that you have won your a appeal Bloody Brilliant. Really hope they get the ball rolling now so you can have the AIRCO.

Webster said...

YAY, Congratulations on winning your appeal. I hope the A/C arrives before the hot weather does. From my keyboard to the Council's ears... hurry, hurry, hurry.