Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Harmonious Neighbourhood

Thomas Bak

Today is another pleasant day, the weather is very changeable one minute the sky is blue and the next it is full of clouds.

Then a few more moments go by and the clouds are gone only to come back again.

It's been nice seeing sunshine and once again hearing happy sounds of children playing outside.

What is also good is that Mentrum; the people across the road seem to have decided that it would be better to have a friendly relationship with the children on the playground.

This is much better then a few weeks ago when Richie and I witnessed one of the workers literally screaming at the kids because a football bounced against the door.

It was not nice to see, she actually told the kids that they should play somewhere else, which they did.

The place they found to play was the road, not a safe place for children to play, which is why there is the playing area, is there specifically to keep the children from harm.

I'm glad that a friendlier attitude is now being shown to the children; I was planning to get in touch this week, to let them know what I thought of the children being chased off their playground on to the streets.

The other thing I was going to mention is that all day long there is a group of people hanging around on the children's playground smoking.

Not a very good example for the kids, this is something I may very well still ring up and speak to them about this, I'm sure that there must be somewhere else for the smokers to congregate.

It must be possible for everything to be organised so that all the people are happy, much nicer for people to cooperate to achieve a harmonious neighbourhood, it is better for everybody.


Rhapsody B. said...

Wonderful to read you have a grand day. Stopped by to say hello and also to give you an award. It is called Liebster, it is said to mean "beloved, favorite".

I would also like to tag you in the eleven game in which you share 11 things about yourself. See rules

stay blessed, my regards to richie.

Herrad said...

hi Rhapsody,
thanks for coming by its lovely to see your comment.
Thanks also for the award, it means Darling or dearest in German.
I won't be taking part time in the 11th game nor will I be passing the award on at the moment. I hope to be able to do both once I have the software I can operate with my eyes.
I forward that as that will mean that I can visit your blog and other blogs once again.
I can't wait.