Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amsterdam Council Needs To Stop Prevaricating.

Oscar Mellor
I couldn't believe it when my case manager told me that the council was not planning to appeal the decision, but they want to reassess the situation.

In the court papers I have, it says that the council should reappraise in the light of the decision; and the fact that I had won my appeal against their refusal to allow me air conditioning.

My arguments for air conditioning were accepted by the court as valid reasons for the absolute necessity of it for me.

So now they are basically indulging in time wasting in the hope that they will come up with a cheaper solution.

All this renewed talk of sun blinds, sun awnings or whether the building does not have enough ventilation or speculations as to whether my neighbours also suffer from heat is totally missing the point.

The point is that I have Multiple Sclerosis which causes me a lot of serious problems during the summer months.

They are looking for other solutions which do not work for me; all I need is for the air temperature to be cool.

I will have to keep very cool when they come around to do their reappraisal, hopefully I'll manage as right now I'd like to tell them what I think of them.


Unknown said...

This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE...grrrrrr. It is making your situation worse with the stress created and UNFORGIVABLE and CRUEL of them to put you through this but money is the name of the game for them. They need to live in your shoes these bunch of parasites...oh, I am so mad darling Herrad...<3

Herrad said...

Hello Jaya,
it is totally unacceptable, thats Eurocrats for you, they're not concerned illness or stress, the only concern for them is ticking the right boxes that's what it's all about and of course saving money.
Thanks for your visit I hope comment often.