Saturday, June 20, 2009

By David Rudder & Carl Jacobs

Trini to de bone

Islands in the sun
Islands in the fun

[verse 1]
Welcome, welcome one and all to de land of fete
Trini to bone, Trini to de bone
When it come to bacchanal, well they can't beat we yet
Trini to bone, Trini to de bone
Look, sweet women parade abundantly
De bredren dey full ah energy
Some people say God is a Trini
Paradise and all convincing me
God gave us a spirit fiery
But nut’in in de world don’t bother we
But look a smart man gone wid we money
We still come out and mash up de party

(Sweet sweet T and T) Oh how I love up dis country
(Sweet sweet T and T) No place in dis world I'd rather be
(Sweet sweet T and T) Oh how I love up meh country
(Sweet sweet T and T) All dis sugar can't be good for me

(Oh oh) From Toco to Caroni
(Oh oh) Maraval to Sans Souci
(Oh oh) From Scarborough to Buccoo Reef
(Oh oh) Profiling on Fredrick Street


[verse 2]All these years I spent abroad in de cold, longing to be home
Trini to bone, Trini to de bone
God I pray that some sweet day, I will no longer have to roam
Trini to bone, Trini to de bone
De problems we have are plain to see
We prove we could stand de scrutiny
All and all, a true democracy
How we vote, is not how we party
There's no place like home some people say
Though some have to leave to make their way
But in their hearts I know their destiny
To come home and big up they country


(Oh oh) From Couva to Signal Hill
Oh oh) Arima to Charlotteville
(Oh oh) Matelot down to Port-of-Spain
(Oh oh) We playin' mas sun or rain


(rudder chant)
Look ah Trini gyal dey, she breaking away
Tobago gyal, oh what a bacchanal
De men gone wild, de wickedest style
De gyal look back, dey on de attack
De style just change, man re-arrange
De fete gone clear, cause nothing can compare to a Trini rising
Oh no no, nothing can compare to a Trini rising

[verse 3]
As crazy as we might seem to be
We still fight to be a family
Indian, African or a Chinee
Syrian, French-Creole and Portuguese
We vex with a spirit fiery
Some people say God is a Trini
Sweet women parade abundantly
Now de problem is plain to see


(Oh oh) West mooring to Los Iros
(Oh oh) From Sando to Mayaro
(Oh oh) From Penal to Grand RiviƩre
(Oh oh) Sweetness in abundance everywhere


No no no no
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
Sweet T and T.


Lille Diane said...

Thank you for taking me to Trinidad, Herrad. I will come watch this again, and again. Beautiful, and I love this song. It made me want to shake my bootie. :-) I can see why you miss it. I'm adding seeing Trinidad and Amsterdam (Herrad) to my 101 list. ;-)
Hugzzzzz, Herrad!

Herrad said...

Hi Lille Diane,
A good list, really recommend Trinidad.