Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From Tara.

From Stephany.

From Kimberly.

I have been given three great awards by three wonderful women.

The Awards are;

* The Positive Attitude Award from Tara.@Living with Multiple Sclerosis on 12 June

Please visit Tara; she is a wonderfully positive woman who is getting

on with her life despite and because of MS.

Her blog is about ‘ Living with Multiple Sclerosis is a daily battle. MS is the invisible disease or at least for most people. We fight many emotional and physical symptoms all the time. We need as much support as we can get. However due to the invisible symptoms we tend to not get a lot of support and that brings on more emotional stress which in return brings on more MS symptoms. A Vicious cycle.’

She also has a website called Welcome to Creative Custom Canes

Her favourite quote is

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein

A good quote to be inspired by.

On 13 June I received two more awards:
* The Compromiso Educativo Award from Stephany@:Soulful Sepulcher

Stephany describes herself as ‘ An open-minded free spirit. I am not a medical professional. I believe in the human spirit; that we all have untapped resources within ourselves to succeed beyond our dreams. I believe that one voice can and does make a difference.

Here is a quote that inspires her: '

‘I am on a journey. Take a walk with me. Life is short. So stand tall. "Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth.’~Camus

* And The Positive Attitude Award from Kimberly@Living my Life with MS.

Kimberly’s blog is about her personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her intention is to pass along the message of HOPE. She blogs with humor and sarcasm, sometimes anger, but always honest, often brutally so. She is simply trying to make lemonade out of the lemons life throws.

Please go by these three blogs they are all very well written and from the heart.

Thanks for the awards Tara, Stephany and Kimberly hope you have a good day today.

Here are the guidelines for this award:

Post it on your blog.
Nominate others with positive thinking/attitudes.
Post links to their sites and notify them.

The Positive Attitude Award should be passed on to 5 or more as you choose.
And The Compromiso Educativo Award to one or more.

I would like to pass The Compromiso Educativo Award

To Ana @ Just Ana

The Positive Attitude Award

To Ana@Hella Heaven

To Kimmy@I Hate MS

To Odd Mum Out@ Odd Mum Out

To Lover of Life@Life in the Second Half

To Lauren@Living With MS

To Blinders Off@Living With MS

To MsMichel@Lovin’Life

T o Cranky@Musings of a Cranky Caregiver

To Stephen@One Life Living the Dream

To Princess of Snooze@ Wobbly teetering blogging

To Random Thinker@ Why are all the good blog names taken?


Anonymous said...

I love that cranky musings of a cranky caregiver got the Positive Award :-).

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,

I do too :)


Ana said...

Thank you very much.
This is a Brazilian award and I cherish it very much.

JC said...

Congrats on the Awards

You deserve them my Dear ...

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Really glad you like it, thought of you right away.

Hi JC,
Thanks for saying that.

Thanks for coming by.

Blinders Off said...

Thanks Herrad,

Having a positive attitude is the best way to go livig with MS. Kimberly's award is perfect about making lemonade out of lemons :)

Herrad said...

Hi Blinders Off,

Thanks for coming by really glad you like the award.

It certainly sums you up as you are such a positive person.
I thank you for that.

Have a good afternoon/evening.

Odd Mom Out said...

Awww that was really sweet. Thanks for adding me. :-)

Herrad said...

Hi Odd Mum Out,

Was my pleasure to give you this well deserved award.


Cranky said...

Herrad - thanks for this award! And, Mary's comment is so true!

Lover of Life said...

Congratulations for all the awards - you certainly deserve each and every one of them! And thank you so much for passing the Positive Attitude Award on to me. I appreciate it very much, Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

You are maybe cranky but you are also very positive.

Hi Lover of Life,

Glad you like the award, look forward to seeing who you pass it onto.

Thanks both of you for coming by and commenting.
Have a good day.