Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomato and potato plants on balcony.

This heat is knocking me out and making all the aches and pains more intense, it is because it is hot humid weather.

If only it were hot and dry think it would be easier and better to cope with, but hot and humid intensifies the MS symptoms.

Shame as I used to love it being hot, the last few days have been agony and at night it gets very late before we can get some relief from the all enveloping sticky heat.

Just got interrupted so have totally lost what I was going to write about which is probably just as well.

Glad I realised on Saturday that it was the sticky heat that was getting to me and not that I had totally inexplicably lost the plot big time.

One of the things I have never been too fond of has been an over concentration on every aspect of every moment in time always thought that over analysing everything meant you would miss out on the moment itself.

Now I realise that there is a middle way that it is good to examine and evaluate what you do but not good to get so stuck in looking at one aspect you do not see more of the whole picture.

In fact you can get so involved in the detail that you can forget anything else including yourself.

The fast progression of the MS makes it difficult for me to nurture good feelings about myself and has meant that my self image has been to hell and back.

Important to have one and one that is not just being an invalid, mind you as invalids go I am well loved and cared for and well nourished.

I am reasonably cheerful, love teasing the dogs gently, mostly pretending that I have thrown the ball or toy.

Love my darling Richie so vey much in awhile he will be in here hoisting me out of
bed and under the shower.

Looking forward to that very much and hopefully the shower will refresh me even if only briefly.

Later when I am back in bed I will seek some mental refreshment and stimulation and information by reading some the blogs I follow.

Recently I have come into contact with two people from Trinidad, Sita is in Ontario and Rhapsody Phoenix in Toronto.

Trinidadian recipes.

Have had the pleasure of bonding with Sita about the pleasure of Trinidad food, we both were remembering the smell of hops bread.

Shame you can not describe a smell, all I can say is it is a unique smell which I can not explain.

The smell of Hops bread is something another Trini will understand very well indeed, a lasting memory of mornings at home in Cascade, Port of Spain and my dad coming back form getting the morning rolls.

Going to leave a supportive message on Amelia’s blog she has her very first infusion of Tysabri tomorrow.

Wonder how Kimberly is doing over at

And how Rae

And JC

And Anne are doing

And check out her new blog

As well as Stephany

And Celeste Maia at

And Diane

And Lille Diane

And Rain

And Tara at

And Mort at

Well guess it is time to stop and get shnowered r i ght away.

After the shower will post the photos, the pictures that I will post today are our tomato and potato plants, the potato is in the square box.

Hope you are all having a good day..


JC said...


Hope you have a COOL day !!!

Herrad said...

Hi JC,

Hope you do too.



Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

Herrad, Amen about heat and MS. Patti wilts in heat almost like a plant. I cannot even imagine how she would be without blessed air conditioning.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Joan said...

Ah here I am at your English journal you are so clever being able to write in two languages. Hope your shower did the trick and cooled you down it always works for me. You make me feel so ashamed I have had a bad twisted knee for the last six weeks and have been complaining about it but when I read what you have to endure it really makes me think. I grow tomatoes in a tiny greenhouse they are well fruited.Hope it cools down for you soon. Up here in Scotland we very seldom get above 22c. Take care Love Joan.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! I am intrigued by the hops bread now and maybe will try and find some around here, if possible.

it's been pleasantly warm here, so far nothing too hot like that last heatwave. i've been going to the dog park and Koda just observes a lot, he runs after dogs who run after the ball, and he likes to walk off leash on the wooded trail in there. Lots of different breeds, large poodles, american bulldog, a terrier of some sort, and one very cute labrador puppy licked Koda and Koda did not like that ha ha.

hugs and more hugs

Lille Diane said...

Hi darlin' Herrad!

I cannot wait to see the tomatoes on your plants. I didn't get any in the ground or anywhere else for that matter this year.

You have such an amazing attitude, Herrad. You have a graceful way of reminding us to look within, and be grateful for all we have.

I, too, am intrigued by the hops bread. I know you love spicy food, too. I wonder what Richie will fix you when those tomatoes come in season. I hope it's spicy in all the good ways for you.

Big hugzzzzz, and thank you for thinking about me. I could feel your hug. OOXXOOXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Icky sticky humid weather is happening here too, you can see how my hair poofs up in the humidity, I posted a new photo on my blog today because I got my glasses finally! I often said "my kingdom for the person who invents the 'smell.peg'!" It's so hard to describe scents isn't it? I hope the hot weather breaks soon for you, a nice shower really does the trick, at least for a little while! Take care!

Herrad said...

Hi Patrick,
Have had a fan right next to me day and night but still feel like crap, am feeling totally floppy and have no strength in my arms suddenly.
I am actually hoping it rains and breaks the heat.
Please pass my regards to Patti.

Hi Joan,
Lovely that you also found my english blog.
The shower worked briefly but within minutes I was hot and sweaty again.
Hope your knee gets better soon sounds nasty and is bound to get in the way of you enjoying walks and just moving around comfortably.
I think that you should not compare and think what you have is nothing when it is real important.
Love to see a photo of your greenhouse and your tomatoes.

Hi Stephany,
Lovely to hear from you and good to hear about Koda's adventures.
Wonder whether you can find hops bread where you live, look forward to hearing if you are sucessful.

Thanks everyone for coming by.
Hope you have a good day tomorrow.


GoBigGreen said...

Hi Herrad !
I know i never picked up my blogger award:( I have been so busy i barely have time to update and i am sad about that.
Summer is here so that means some cabin time and some racing and also trying to plan our wedding. Phew! All good!
A Skippy is a drink with pink lemonade, vodka and IT sounds gross but is very tastey when it is hot out. But dont drink too much, they sneak up on you!

Libby said...

herrad, love your pictures!

Herrad said...

Hi Lille Diane,

Lovely to hear from you, thanks for your kind words they really lift me.

I am really looking forward to our potatoes.

Thinking about you and your blog is a pleasure.

Hi Rain,

It really is dreadfully sticky, the forecast is cooler wednesday and hot as hell thursday.

Really like your new photo and your new glasses.

Hope we both get abit of rain as a break from this sticky stuff.

Hi Julia,

Lovely to see your comment and great news, when is your wedding?

Your summer plans sound real good.

How is Ruby, in the photo of her that I saw recently she looks in great shape, a really happy dog.

Not sure I like the sound of adding beer to vodka and lemonade but sure it is a great thirst quencher.

Really does me good seeing your comments, thanks for coming by.
Have a good night and a good day tomorrow.



Kimberly said...


The heat here has been brutal, so I find myself housebound when I'm not going for theraphy or MD appointments!

Your tomato plant loooks great. Full of blooms. Ours already has 5 small tomatos on it and tons of blooms. Looks like we'll have plenty of tomatos for the BBQ burgers later this summer!

Stop by my blog when you get a chance an read today's post.

Stay COOL!!!

Sita said...

Hey Herrad,
Had no idea what a tough scenario you have, yet you take the time to encourage and reach out. Thank you so much. You have a beautiful heart.

Just saw you are from Cascade. We used to lime there a lot. I had a friend named Verna from up there and we also had a TEAM church up there. Did you know the Valdez family?

Also made a new blogging friend from Amsterdam named Bernice.
Do take care.
With thoughts and prayers,

Lucy said...

Herrad I owe you an apology. I meant to post some better pictures. Don't care much for topsy turvy but basket tomato's are looking good.Yours look great. Are you growing those in containers and Possibly organic? I did post a better picture but as I said I have lots more on both. I promise the first thing you will not see is under panties. To me it is hard to believe any one can wear those things. Not me.

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,

Thanks for your comment, really enjoy your pictures too always feel I have been on a trip when I visit you.

Hi Kimberly,

The sticky heat is hard to bear must be terrible humid where you live.
Today there is a breeze which is a big relief.
By the way have been to your blog and read your post.
Theres a slight breeze today which is making it easier today hope you get the same relief.

Hi Sita,

Lovely to find your comment thanks for your sweet words.
It is so long ago now that we left,, I was just 11 in 1962when we went to the UK.
We lived at 6, Little Road quite close to the Savannah, at the end of Koblenz Avenue it turned into another street and if you crossed the stream you went up the hill and first on the left was Little Road.
We had a great view from our verandah and were ell placed to hear a few bands getting ready for Carnival.

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for posting some more good photos of your tomato plants they look very good you should be enjoying a few tomatoes soon.

Thanks for coming by.
Have a good day.


Celeste Maia said...

Hi Herrad, just arrived from the Alentejo trip which was hot, hot, hot, but wonderful. Will write about it in a day or two. The first thing I did was to come here and find out how you are doing and sending you some cool breezes, do you feel them? Those sea breezes that are so cooling, I hope you are receiving them and feeling some relief.
I also wanted to tell you how proud and happy I am with the prize you are passing on to me. I Know one blog right away I want to pass it on to, another friend who has CLL like me and is very brave. I am still figuring out the 4 new blogs I have to discover to give the prize. I want to give one back to you, can I do that? And do I need to name all the five prizes, or can I think slowly and when I see a new blog I want to give the prize to, then do it? Do all 5 prizes need to be given at the same time?
Now I am going to jump in the shower myself and see that I get cooler...and cleaner...from all the driving.
Take care, my Friend, Celeste

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste,

Glad you had a great trip, its lovely to hear from you I am looking forward to seeing your photos later.

Sounds a good idea to pass the awards on when you have found the blogs.

You can give it to who you want to.

Enjoy your home coming.
Have a pleasant evening.

chessie said...

Herrod, I've taken you blog and put it on my watch list. I have to go cook dinner, and don't have time to investigate further into your blog...but it looks like the stuff I really enjoy reading...Thanks

Anonymous said...

I used to keep tomato and parsley plants growing on Dad's sunny windowsill because it reminded him so of the big garden he used to tend.

Can we nurture those good feelings for you :-)? You project beauty, Herrad, you really do.~Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Chessie,

Thanks for coming by was really pleased you were blog of note and I saw your blog before I logged on to mine.

I used to love riding around on my 250 Greeves was really good felt free reading about your trips is great.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your comment means alot to me and it brought tears to my eyes and Spike running in to glare at Richie cos surely he made me cry.

Have a good day