Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Again when I first woke up felt good for a few seconds and then all the pains kicks in again.

It is really lovely those seconds of pain free time when I can lie here quite happily and have no pain.

Usually as I am thinking 'lovely no pain' that it starts up again, poor Spike always starts to play quite fantactically with his ball.

And if my moans go on too long he gets quite frantic trying to get me to do pleasanter things than moaning.

If only it were so easy I would switch right away and play with Spike's toy then moaning in pain.

Not my favourite pastime pain, my fingers are bad today all splayed so difficult to hit the keys with especially the correct keys.

Have already done something in outlook express and can not see my folders at all now plus have very simple buttons for create mail and reply etc.

Do not know how I get these back again, already done this before and already got a
simpler version and now again all because it is difficult to stop fingers clicking
on the wrong bits.

My hands not working well causes me lots of problems and makes keyboard work very
tiring and frustrating.

Every piece I write has loads of unwanted letters and numbers in it especially 0's
and 9's they are everywhere.

Trying to copy and paste is hilarious as I often miss my target and overshoot and get
too much or totally the wrong bit of text usually have a word document open to paste
it into and copy and paste the right section from there.

Lots of work and it requires more of that stuff I do not have called patience ARGH!

Hope that does not happen.

Playing with Spike is equally hard work as my fingers can't quite find something as

I do not get the information from my fingers as I used to.

I do not feel any difference when I touch something it all feels the same to me

which is slightly rough

So when Spike puts the ball under my armpit I can not see it and can not feel it

so the game gets quite fraught for us both.

Today my right hand is very bad dragging around pressing on all the wrong things

really not what you want could delete stuff before I knew it!

Nothing that I can do just take it easy and hope that it calms down and I can get back into typing slowly and clumsily as always.

Fingers seem to be looking more like fingers than a small handful of twigs all stuck up in a different direction.

Just to celebrate the return of the sunshine my back is hurting and my elbows are in agony oh well chances are the pain will be in my knees before too long.

Going to ignore it now and concentrate on nice things like the smoothies that Richie made from oranges, peaches, carrots and cranberry juice it w as superb.

Lunch is late and is potato scone and fried egg and slices of fried halumi (cheese from Cyprus

which you slice or cube and fry) I can smell it all so guess it will be here shortly.


It was really yummy too and having some thc not too long before meant I was quite

relaxed and ready to eat.

Now I am very ready for Marianne's visit look forward to seeing her on Tuesdays and

hearing how the two cats Ted and Lewis are settling down to living in their new

place with her.

The last report was last Thursday where they both ran to her when she got up in

the morning.

That was their third week there so guess it is their home now which is lovely.

It is home sweet home now for two black cats.


Stephany said...

Have a nice day, Herrad, I'm about to leave for work at the school. It's sunny here. Last night at the dog park Koda met another husky.



Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Hope you have a good day at work.
How nice for Koda to meet ano0ther Husky.


Jen said...

Now I'm thinking about cats. I had to leave our beast at my parents' during our recent trip. I felt so awful, like I was abandoning him. Until my mom called and said he had made himself right at home, trying to eat everything in sight.

It's gross here today, Herrad. Kinda rainy and bleak. Sandy the cat is curled up on my lap here at the computer, so it's okay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad!!! I'm sorry about your fingers...I can't imagine it to be honest. It must take a long time to type what you want to say? It would frustrate me too! What's the problem with Outlook Express? Maybe I can offer advice.

Have you ever thought of voice recognition software? I heard of it, a lot of writers use it. Maybe that would give your fingers a break on the rough days, although I don't know how much it costs!

Your lunch sounds yummy, but I've never heard of that cheese! I need to find a gourmet cheese shop around here...so far no luck, but I'm not giving up! :)

I know how you feel about Spike, in a way that is. When I was bedbound for 7 months during the worst of the depression (self-imposed bed bound I should say), the dogs wanted to play too, but I just couldn't do it, every part of my ached and it was so hard to even try! But they spent that time right by me in bed and they felt the love anyway, as I'm sure Spike does! Give him a tickle for me!

Jase said...

I have a cat. It just turned up at my house one day and decided to live here. Don't know where he came from, but I suspect he belonged to the previous owners. He's taken to climbing up my leg when he is really hungry for dinner which sounds cute, but can be rather painful.

Diane J Standiford said...

My fingers save one (that is hurting from overuse-duh) are numb, been so for years now. I have tried keying by using a pencil; people tell me to use voice recognition, but talking is exhausting...so I just go slow, make typos, LOL because often the typos make the post much funnier or better! What are we thinking to be blogging?! LOL If that is your street---lovely spot for coffee or tea.

Herrad said...

Hi Jen,

Cats are nice creatures, nothing better on a rainy day then a cat curled up on your lap.

Hi Rain,

I have voice recognition software, for som reason prefer fingers think cos voice gets tiring but will try switching them around.

Halumi is like a hard feta cheese that you can fry, we eat fried slices in a sandwich or cubed and fried in a salad or in a pasta sauce oe in a lasagne and even in a stew once its been fried.

Hi Jase,

The first place I lived at here one day a big black cat walked in from the garden and stayed, he was a nice cat but abit reserved just observing although the kitten I had at the time tried everything to get him to play which made hilarious scenes for mw to watch.

Hi Diane,

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, I use the Dragon voice recognition software but like you find it tiring.

That was my street and a good one too.


Kimberly said...

Stop by my blog, I have something for you!