Saturday, June 06, 2009

It is amazing how much pain and discomfort we will all put up with, woke up this morning thinking about that.

Very quickly after waking up I felt a kick in my lower back, hate it as there is no way of anticipating when it happens, it was just after 10 am so it was obviously a wake up call for me to take the baclofen pills.

Still surprises me that my foot twitching will cause the feeling of being kicked in the back, it is horrible and painful and never quite happens when I think it will.

Every night when I lower the mattress at some point my foot will kick out and that will cause a moment of pain.

It mostly catches me by surprise and I give a little screech, the dogs are usually gone to their beds by then but often hear me and give a little answering high pitched whimper back from the front room.

Weird to think that everything still works just not how we want, my foot can twitch and move up and down and kick but I can’t stand and walk.

All because nerves are sending scrambled signals if only those messages could be unscrambled and then protected from interference.

Wonder if other people have also wondered if MS is caused by something in our environment, something that has been introduced by humans, like pollution or sensitivity to plastics.

Be horrible if that were so but hopeful once the cause were known would hope that it could be stopped.

Of course that could prove difficult if it were proven that the combustion engine caused MS, guess the ‘fat cats’ of the car industry would do everything they could to prevent this happening.

Just like the Tobacco Industry will do everything they can to stop Cannabis from becoming legal.

Mind you heard in the 70’s that various Tobacco Companies had taken out patents on their packets of Cannabis smoking mixtures for just in case.

Oh well we will see what happens usually the powerful lobby wins which I guess keeps the status quo as it is now.

What needs to happen is the development of new industry so that we are not depending on one source for our work and income.

Like the car industry instead of governments giving billions to car companies to make more gas guzzlers, why don’t they spend the money developing electric cars and engines so that industry and agriculture does not have to rely on oil.

Right off my soap box now and get on with my day had an amazing fruit smoothie for my breakfast (orange, apple, pear, carrot, cranberry juice and strawberries) and two tiny hot peppers filled with soft goat cheese at 11 am.

And lunch of roll mop herring salad with diced potatoes, beetroot and fresh parsley in sour cream at 15pm.

Felt very content afterwards listening to Radio 5 Sports commentary until it was unceremoniously cut short by them announcing that the broadcast was now stopped and you can only listen live if you have a subscription.

Not to worry I will either listen to Radio 4 or The World Service or failing that the sounds of the neighbourhood kids playing football outside the house.

Have a great Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Any news on Spike? Were those photos of him going to the vet?

Now I'm craving goat cheese, but I don't know how you people can eat hot peppers, lol! I'm so ultra-sensitive to spicy and hot food. I had a friend once who used to pant and sweat from the spice he was eating, but he said it was almost like an addiction, he couldn't stop even though it was painful! Ha ha.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Funny you should ask about Spike,
he went to the vet's yesterday.

Richie was not happy about a litle patch on his nose.

It's a polyp and will benipped out next week thursday.

Vet estimates it is not malignant, we will know that after the op.

Of course despite the good prognosis we are both abit concerned about our wee friend Spike.

Grew up with hot food one of my fav sweets was hot tamarind balls.

Can't get them here but get hot candied strips of mango from the Oriental Supermarket.

Have a good afternoon and evening.
We are having fish tonight.

Spike's got a new toy which has him all excited lovely to see.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to claim psychic powers, but I did read Richie's blog that he was worried about Spike! That's why I asked, I thought maybe today was the day he went for the biopsy, poor little guy.

Btw, I have the 80's channel going and they are playing "Too Much Pressure" by The Selecter....memories, were/are you a ska fan?

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

After I responded to your comment mentioned you were psychic and he told me had posted about it.

I was a ska fan really liked The Selector.


awb said...

I'm with you on the electric car part Herrad. Just think how many we would have if we were able to loose the gasoline and auto lobbies. I want to build my solar powered tricycle, I'll show them! Take care,


Stephany said...

I love goat cheese stuffed into halves of apricots mmmm. The peppers sound good too, I love spicey food.

Our heat wave finally broke and it was a cool 60 degrees with a little rain today and it was a relief.(saturday)

I also read about Spike and hope it al turns out positively for Spike!

Koda has been going to a new dog park where he can run around with other dogs, he likes it.

Saw an owl perched in a tree in the woods today on a walking trail, and it was guarding a nest.

Have a nice Sunday


Lille Diane said...

Love hot foods, spicy foods, little pups named Spike, Herrad, Rain, and Richie.... :-) :-) :-)

Hot peppers do give you a buzzzzz and that's why it's hard to stop after just one. I would love to sit at the dinner table with Richie cooking. That juice sounded heavenly... And that's what you should have everyday, Herrad. Heavenly, heavenly, yummiful foods.

Big Hugzzzzzzz!

kmilyun said...

Catfish and Annie are thinking good doggie thoughts for Spike.

I too lean toward the environmental factor as a possible cause of MS. Billy is here from Nevada right now and we were just talking about that very idea.

He is going through test after test - all they really "know" is he as some auto immune disease - oh man how a so hope it is not something like MS!

Many people I know that grew up in the central valley here in Calif have some sort of auto immune disease. Sacramento has a cluster of MS.

Makes me wonder a lot about how much the chemicals used in agriculture, smog, etc. cause MS.

Have a good day!!!


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

A solar powered trike sounds a brilliant idea.

Think some of the money the govt's have given to banks could have gone to providing thue entire countries with solar panels.

Hi Stephany,

Like the idea of spricots stuffed with goat cheese.

Goat cheese with a touch of pepper sauce stuffed in the apricots sounds even better to me.

An owl how wonderful, they are so pretty.

What type of owl was it ?

Hi Lille Diane,

Richie does his best and each day there are new delights.

Today was pancakes with srawberries and maple syrup.

Will suggest crackers with peanut butter and avocado (pepper sauce) and creamy goat cheese and olives and a cup of soup for lunch.

Hi Jan,

Hope your friend Billy has something else and not MS.

You are probably correct it maybe linked to the use of chemical pesticides on agricultural land.