Saturday, June 27, 2009

Got woken up this morning by a parakeet who seemed to have visited the bird feeder to shout up the neighbourhood.

Later on asked Richie about the bird shouting and he said that he had looked at the birds twice and each time the one making all the noise did not seem at all worried by Richie.

He flew off and came back, according to Richie there were two, an older one eating peanuts and a young one who had no clue how to get hold of the peanuts.

Eventually the birds flew off and we both got a bit more sleep, really glad Richie had totally opened the one window.

There was no sign of a breeze woke up because of the shrieking bird and became aware then quite how sweaty and damp I was.

Luckily managed to sleep again, in fact managed to do so twice which is brilliant good luck.

Lay here thinking how strange it was that Michael Jackson was dead, funnily enough as soon as I saw the news that he was rushed to hospital after a heart attack.

Thought right away he may not recover from that, this was because Nick died of a heart attack in hospital, so immediately thought what if.

Just never expected what if to happen right away, was really fast, for a moment felt that maybe I should not have thought he might die.

Obviously did not know that my thoughts were so powerful.

Since I inhaled the thc have felt a lot better, the arm exercises are quite tough these days but well worth doing so are the leg exercises and the leg massage.

All help to relax me and make it easier to cope with the pain.

Wish I could have told MJ that cannabis was much more effective way to cope with pain than the cocktail of opiates he used.

Very sad that he died before he had even done one performance, now no one will have seen him come back again.

Poor Michael and poor us, we lost a fine performer who just wanted to be loved and did not realise that he was loved by so many.


Richie said...

MJ had such a strange life. I know a lot of what he did seemed strange and some of his life seems to have been grotesque but he was just a sad lad trying to cope.
It is hard for us all to find a moral way of living. Poor Michael was never raised to be himself. He lived in a world of low moral thresholds. No wonder he wanted doctor dope.
I feel for the boy.

Anne said...

This is one of the truest statements I have read anywhere:

.....we lost a fine performer who just wanted to be loved and did not realise that he was loved by so many.

Right on the nose.

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,
You are right he was a sad boy trying to cope and not suceeding.

Hi Anne,
Shame wasn't that he did not realise how loved he was.

Have a good weekend.

Erin said...

Hi Herrad,

I think you're right. I think MJ wanted to be loved, and didn't realize just how loved he was. And now he will never know. Really sad.

Enjoy your weekend!
Take care!

Herrad said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for coming by hope you are having a good weekend.


Lover of Life/ Nancy said...

Nicely said, Herrod.

steve said...

I happened upon a flash mob in Dundas Square last night doing the moonwalk in the middle of a busy intersection.

Was the parakeet wearing one sequined glove? That would explain the difficulties with the peanuts.

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,

Lovely to see your comment.
Hope you are having a good day.

Hi Steve,

Bet that was quite a sight seeing the flashmob doing the moonwalk.
The parakeet was not wearing a glove but it was wearing a mask.

Thanks for coming by.
Have a good weekend.

Rain said...

I'm so sad about him sad....

Just wanted to say hello Herrad. Crazy parakeets...

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

It is very sad poor MJ.
Hope you have good evening and a great Sunday.

Rae said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I appreciated your visit at my blog. Thanks for the comments.

Amrita said...

Hi Herrad, fancy having a parakeet flying around in Holland. Must be someone ' pet.

Feel sorry for good old MJ. If only he had not done self-destructive things to himeself , he would have been alive

Herrad said...

Hi Rae,
Thanks for coming by it is very appreciated.

Hi Amrita,

There are lots of parakeets aro0und in Amsaterdam there are several thousand, they are su8ppopsed to ube spread over the enti9re country.

Real sihame about MJ if o0nly he had people who care for him aro0und him.
Hope you are having a good day.
Take care.

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Thank you Rae and Amrita for coming by hope you both have a good day today.