Monday, June 01, 2009

Have recently had three awards from three wonderful women

One Lovely Blog Award from Lille Diane

…..This Time Tomorrow...
A creative blog for people like myself who procrastinate AND are perfectionists.(More of us like this out there than you think) My blog chronicles a list of 101 things I want to do and my journey getting them done. Kinda like hanging my undies out there for all to see. Will she or won't she get them done? By this time tomorrow I'll be one day closer to being there...

Kreativ Blogger Award from Nat

London Calling
She lives in Charlton, South East London and works in Mayfair (W1)
and thinks London is one of the greatest Cities... followed by New York.
She also lives with MS.

And Inspirational Blogger Award from Amelia

Tales of Life with Multiple Sclerosis
In 2002 I got the earth shattering news that I could possibly have Multiple Sclerosis. In 2003 that news was confirmed. I was 29 years old. I wanted to start this blog to go over the last few years of dealing with this illness and look forward to the future as it happens. If I can give hope to just one person, that life isn't over when you get life changing news, then this will have been worthwhile!

Blogs I would like to pass these awards to are:

Inspirational Blogger Award to;


Charisa Wernick


Go Big Green.

I am a free man

Sceptical Eye


Life in Motion

Bent Society: The Origin of Curmudgeonly Criminology - is feared by the bad and loved by the good!
In England, a Growing Band of Concerned and Dedicated Undercover Criminologists, Sociologists, Other Academics and Upstanding Citizens Write Pointed Posts and are Ever Ready to Write for What is Right by Looking into the Bent Side of Everything in Modern Britain. Find Out More in this Healthily Sceptical Blog on Tartuffians, Crimemongers and Other Unsavoury Elements.

Kreativ Blogger Award to:


Desi van Zyl Photography


Scream Quietlyl

Erika C
Each Day is a Present
Awakening into our humanity through the arts and in daily living.

Lille Diane

This Time Tomorrow


Cowboy Poet

One Lovely Blog Award;

Perspective Is Everything
Living with a disability - What a blessing. Thoughts and lessons learned along the way. Written by Michael B. Gerber

Random Thoughts.


Rhapsody Phoenix


The Blue Cafe


Nik’s Backyard

I had great fun passing these awards on hope you do too.


Anonymous said...

Really nice Herrad!
Have a great night!


Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Glad you like, had great fun choosing.

ps its 11.33 am wonder what the time is where you are.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I had to look it up! I'm six hours behind your Amsterdam time, so I guess at 11:30am, I was just waking up to the sunshine! Oh, and all the fallen branches from the wind and hail storm from yesterday.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Did you get up at 5.33?

Wow nice to be up with the sun.

Enjoy the day it must be 11.28 now at yours.


Anonymous said...

It's 10:31 am at this time right now!!! I do get up really early most days. The insomnia is getting better, but I can only sleep a good 6 hours straight these days. Plus I was excited to get the photo club pix up!!! Like a kid waiting for Santa, ha ha.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

It is 16.49 here.

Will check out your photo club now.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)

What a great surprise!

I'm so thrilled you thought of me and passed on this wonderful award to me.

I am honored by your kindness and generosity.

I will follow your instructions as quickly as possible.

Many, many thanks.

God bless you Herrad:)

Erika C. said...

Thanks for the award. It took me a while to figure out how to post it on my site. Finally I did it by saving it first to iPhoto. I have not figured out yet how to download images from the web.

And do you want we to give awards to some of the sites that you have listed or could I pass it on to my own choices? Not sure how this works.

Thanks again!

Herrad said...

Hi Joseph,

Glad you are pleased about the award.
Look forward to seeing who you give them to.

Hi Erika,

You choose the five people you want to give the award to and make a post like I did with active links to their blogs.
Look forward to seeing your choices soon.



Lille Diane said...

Awwww thank you so very much, Herrad! How kind of you. :-) :-) I'm sorry I didn't get over here earlier to thank you and pick it up. We had some big thunderstorms roll through and it kept knocking me off line. I'm behind now with my responses and bloggy stuff. But it will all be just fine.... ;-) I'll work on passing this gift along to others later today. Thank you, again.

I love you, precious Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Lille Diane,

Glad you like the award, am very curious who you will pass it on to.

Glad the storms have gone away again.
And most important you are ok.

Have a good afternoon and evening.



nikina said...

thank you very much :) what a nice surprise :)

Charisa said...

Thank you! I can't wait to have time to read everyone else's blogs! I hope you have a nice day - your pictures of pasta are making me hungry! :) We are growing tomatoes in our garden - they are getting ripe!