Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ted and Lewis at their new home with a friend of ours.

Slept very restlessly last night think we both did as we were worried about Spike appointment at the vets.

A much earlier start today as Richie had to get Spike down to the vets for the small operation.

Poor dogs did not understand why they did not get any biscuits after 6pm last night and refused to sit with us like they always do.

And then this morning one gets taken somewhere and the other not and their whole routine gets disrupted poor dogs.

And poor us as we realised again how fond we are of our little mad dog Spikey, it was horribly quiet here today with no wee face popping up my bed wanting me to play with him every five seconds.

No strange noises emanating from his bed as he plays with his very favourite toy, no yodel of pleasure as he gets a biscuit.

I even cried a few times today was missing him so much, Richie is off getting him from the vets, in fact he rang just then to say he had got him and he was safe and well with a little plaster on his nose.

What a relief to know he will be home very soon now and I can make sure he gets his share of biscuits tonight.

Right now there are two parrots on the bird feeder which is great as they have not been here for some months now.

Knew they were still around as could hear them most days and even hear them early in the morning before the curtain is opened.

Well they are back now Spike is wearing one of those see through plastic lampshades to stop him worrying the wee wound.

He seems to be in good form if still a wee bit dopey from the anaesthetic being Spike this means he can still run around and play.

Well that’s the status quo been restored, Marleen is very happy now her playmate Spike is back.

We are happy too.

I have another focus which takes my mind off how painful it has been today and how many spasms I have had.

Funnily enough thc in combination with being distracted by Spike relaxes me so well pain has been pushed away.

Am all set for a pleasant evening with my darling anjd the two doggies.


Lucy said...

I have never commented on this one Herrad but I just want to say I am so glad that both dogs are doing well. Lucy

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for your comment lovely to know you visit here too.

Really appreciate your visits.

Have a pleasant afternoon/evening.


Rae said...

The cats have really settled in and look quite at peace. Love your photos.

Herrad said...

Hi Rae,

Thanks for coming by, hope you are doing well?

My friend says they are very happy and seem to be settling in well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Yey Spike is home! Marlene must be thrilled! Oh gosh, I know how you must have felt today...when Spencer was having surgery to have his eye removed, I was in a state of panic and cried all day. Not having him next to me was awful! Poor guy has to wear the lampshade! Has he tried to tear it off yet? :)

I just have to say, I meant to say it the last time, I LOVE your friend's living room decor!!!

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Hi Herrad!
I just want to say that I find you to be a very inpirational person to everyone. I have an award for you. If you get the chance to stop by please feel free to pick it up. You deserve it!!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

That must have been so scary when Spenser was having his eye removed.

I am nearly crying just thinking about it.

Marleen came to life when Spike got home.

Hi Tara,

Thanks for coming by and your kind comment and the award.

Hope you had a good day today.


Anonymous said...

Oh Herrad, don't cry! Look at how sneaky my one-eyed monkey is now! I call him Lefty! But really, it was scary because I didn't know how I'd react after. When I was allowed in to visit, the vet warned me that I might be shocked because of the sutures and the swelling. It was shocking, but he could still see from his other eye at the time and he saw me and his tail was wagging to hard that the shock dissipated immediately and I hugged and kissed him for at least an hour!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
A sweet story bet that was lovely seeing his tail wag very cute.
Good night sleep well.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, Glad to hear Spike is home and recovering!

Hope Friday is a nice day for all of you.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

Spike recovering well, he has been playing round me since he woke up today.

Should be a nice day, a friend from England is over.

He will eat with us tonight, really looking forward to seeing him.

We have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge to greet him with.

Have a good day.

Kris said...

I had a black cat once. He was SO affectionate!!! Hope all is well.

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,

Thanks for coming by lovely to get your comment.

I had a black cat once too he was also very sweet.

I am ticking along quite abit of pain these days but kept under control with thc.

Have a good weekend