Friday, June 26, 2009

Poor old Michael Jackson all that talent lost, according to the newspapers it was prescription drugs that caused his death.

The star had been popping pills, including anti-anxiety drugs Xanax and Zoloft and painkiller Demerol, for weeks before his death.

It seems that an injection of Demerol had caused respiratory and cardiac arrest and after an hour trying to resuscitate him the doctors at UCLA officially announced he was dead.

Very sad death of a former child star and pop super star, sure many are sad about his death, me too, as I think of what could have been.

Shame he did not have the life he needed to have instead of that strange half life of being in the limelight that robbed him of his childhood.

Sad that again it was prescription drugs that were responsible just like with Elvis and Anna Nicole Smith.


Kris said...

They are performing the autopsy on MJ today. SO sad. And Farrah Fawcett, so sad as well.

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,

Very sad poor Michael and Farrah.



steve said...

The insatiable drive to feel special has killed so many. Sustainable uniqueness -- that's what I'm after.

Lucy said...

I have never really been a Jackson fan but his life was , as far as I could see so completely unrealistic. What a waste. It makes me angry when anyone deliberatly abuses their body with drugs when people like you and my son would give anything to have a healthy body. Maybe I look at it wrong but that is my opinion.

Kris said...

Lucy what you say is very true in a lot of cases, especially with young hollywood these days. It's awful. Unfortunately Michael Jackson didn't have a support system. Rather people just looking out for his money rather than his health. And he was too weak mentally to realize it. He just wanted to be loved. People are coming out of the woodwork saying they were dear friends and it all just seems so bogus! It feels so weird to use the past tense when talking about him too. Tragic.

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

Perhaps they need it to feel like a star?

Hi Lucy,

It is frustrating to hear of healthy people who play Russian roulette with themselves.
Remember hearing about someone we knew who could not go outside and before I took time to think very tactlessly suggested we swop bodies so I could go out.
Terrible thing for me to say.

Hi Kris,

Poor Michael in so much pain had not realised until today in quite how much pain he was in.
Definitely tragic.

Read alot of stories today
He was a poor abused kid himself, who suffered since 1976 from chronic back pain from falling off a stage.
His hair was set on fire during a Pepsi advert and he lost all hair on his head and face plus a layer of skin.
Perhaps that is why he went in for so much plastic surgery which went horribly wrong and could not be corrected and gave him even more pain.

Poor Michael and poor kids, his and the ones he was accused of abusing.

Sad day saying goodbye to such a talent.
Thanks for your visit and comments.

Jase said...

Say what you want about the personal life, but he was a real talent when it came to entertaining. I hope that's what he is remembered for