Friday, June 19, 2009

Was woken up at 7.15 by a group of workmen who were having very loud discussions outside the bedrooms of our building.

When Richie got up to close the window to shut out the noise I asked for some thc and once I had breathed it in I fell asleep again.

Wonderfully the pains I normally feel as soon as I awake did not happen then otherwise it might not have worked.

Slept until 10 am feeling better than yesterday, think that yesterday morning I was feeling so bad cos I could not have a poo the day before.

So the extra pain was due to an urgent need to go to the toilet, now I know this will insist on going earlier to the toilet.

Well whatever feel quite bright and cheerful today and am enjoying the sunshine.

Hope everyone is enjoying a good day today.


JC said...

I'm up having my morning coffee. My girls, Maddy Jean and Bella, have eaten and are snoozing by my feet. It rained last night. Birds are still singing though.

Hope you have a nice Friday ...

Herrad said...

Hi JC,

Sounds lovely your morning coffee.

Enjoy your day.


Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

Glad you back to sleep without to much discomfort or plumbing problems.

In my reader I thought the flashing sign said "Have A Good Dog" LOL Which I guess makes perfect sense when you first wake up and have blurred over eye sight.

Yet, I will hope you have a good day also.


Libby said...

hi, herrad! i'm glad you were able to avert the pain this morning before you got up! that guarantees a good day, doesn't it??

Lover of Life said...

Loved your happy little pics. Have a great day, Herrad!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)


Lovely photos.

You are a real inspiration. I admire the way you handle your difficult life situations and make every thing look so bright and beautiful.

God Bless you Herrad:)

Herrad said...

Hi Stan,

Thanks for your visit and comment, really does me good.
We are both very fond of you, think you are a sweet man.
Shame you can't visit sure it would be a laugh.

Hi Libby,

Yes it was a better start to the day, made the whole day better.
Hope you are having a good afternoon.

Hi Lover of Life,

Hope you have a good day too.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your kind words and your support.
It iis your support and the support other blog friends that help me to handle things.

Thanks everyone for coming by really appreciate your friendship and support more rthan I can tell you.

Have a pleasant Friday.

awb said...

I'm going to have to try a bag of thc when I can't sleep, have to see if I remember how to do that one!


Anonymous said...

You have a way about you that always manages to enjoy something...which is so lovely. ~Mary