Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flowers on friend's balcony in Edmonton, Canada.

Woke up and seemed to successfully drift off again only to be disturbed three times by small spasms before a big spasm totally woke me up.

Not the best way to wake up and this morning I really needed to sleep abit longer but there was no way after the feeling of getting a powerful kick in the lower back.

This happens all the time when my foot suddenly jerks and often kicks out as well.

This happened ages ago when I was sitting in the wheelchair and my foot spasmed and kicked out straight at poor Spike’s nose.

Poor dog, he did not trust sitting close to me for awhile especially as I did laugh when my foot kicked him in the nose, but could not help it as the expression on his face was so funny.

This morning tried my best to block out the pain that flooded back when I became conscious but could not do anything to change my situation.

Tried very hard to drift off to sleep again but each time my shoulders and arms would feel painful and as if they would not be able to move again.

Started to cry then, softly at first but could not control my crying and found that after a few attempts I could not stop.

Not my favourite way of waking up but can't be helped as that is the reality of my situation.

Someday it all feels worse than other days; yesterday was a particularly painful day made worse by my body constantly slumping to the left and my right side trying to keep my body upright.

Richie did adjust me frequently but each time within a few minutes I was slumped once again.

Not the best way to sit and type holding on to the table or the side of the bed to keep upright and be able to keep typing.

Today after Richie readjusted me and got my abdomen quite straight so now I am more upright and not slipping over which is brilliant.

When I can sit like this it makes my life a lot easier as then I do not have to call out for Richie to help me every few minutes.

Gareth came by with strawberries and chocolate on his way to the Schipol Airport for a couple of hours which was very nice indeed, really lovely having him visit.

What I do like about Gareth coming round is he is popping by and not coming to visit me in bed.

Poor Karin, my ex volunteer friend always sat by my bed like I was dying and she’s some sort of Good Samaritan.

Made us both feel dreadful.

Not like Gareth‘s visits which are always very relaxed and relaxing, he is boarding his Plane home about now.

Although we are both very sad to see him go we do already know that he will be back in September something to look forward to.

The sun made a brief appearance while Gareth was here but has gone away again; think we will be getting the rain they have been predicting for some time.

Makes sense as Wimbledon starts next week and there is nearly always rain for the tennis and Mid Summer’s Day.

Thanks to Richie and Gareth and my neighbour Willes and not forgetting the dogs I feel a lot brighter now than I did earlier today.


Rain said...

Good morning Herrad! I'm glad that you got more strawberries and chocolate! Sorry to see Gareth go, you obviously love and enjoy his company. Your friend's flowers are such a burst of happy colour. I hope you have a nice day!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

The strawberries and chocolate diet is rather nice.

My day got better and now the sun is shining.

Have a good day.

Cranky said...

Herrad - MS is cruel, no doubt about it. For sitting up, I assume you folks have already attempted using a strap to keep you in place on the bed. Skip uses one on her feet to keep them in place on her wheelchair when they're elevated and it really does the trick. Before she had a wheelchair with recline functionality, we occasionally used to keep her from slumping over when really tired.

The weather has been pretty crummy here for over a week. Mostly rainy/grey/cold. Summer is not yet here in Massachusetts.

Libby said...

herrad, those flowers are beautiful! and just the thing to look at when you're eating strawberries & chocolat!

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for your helpful tip about using a strap in bed.
Hope the weather gets better for you soon.

Hi Libby,
The strawberries and chocolate were very good.

Thanks for coming by to visit with me.
Hope you had a good day today and tomorrow is even better.


Odd Mom Out said...

Loved your pictures and am jealous I didn't get any strawberries and chocolate. I really hope you wake up tomorrow without pain and have a good day for a change.

Lover of Life said...

I am so sorry you have such pain, Herrad. I wish things were different for you.

Your flower pictures are so pretty. I just love pansys. I have a bunch planted out front this year.

Enjoy those strawberries and chocolate. Sounds yummy to me!

Herrad said...

Hi Odd Mom Out,
Thanks for your comment, sadly woke up in pain again today though not as much as yesterday.

Hi Lover of Life,
The strawberries and chocolate were yummy, best stawberries since ages, they did not just look good they were delicious too.

Thanks for coming by.
Have a good day.