Saturday, June 20, 2009

Am very thoughtful and quite dreamy now which is pleasant especially as I woke up crying today.

Do not know why, just woke up with an extremely wet face, had some thc and dried my face and did my arm exercises.

Which was really funny as had just said to myself no arm exercises today, and the next minute I am doing them intently.

After the arm exercises Richie did the leg exercises and massage and I took the baclofn tablets and some more thc and I was set to read the papers and my emails and blogs.

Had mailed Sita, she is also from Trinidad and she sent me a link to a clip she had posted on her blog and which I found right away on Youtube and posted on my blog.

The pictures on todays post are very influenced by thoughts of Saturday at home in Trinidad.

All ready to carry on enjoying Saturday in Amsterdam.

Hope everyone is having a good day wherever they are.


Stephany said...

Have a great evening Herrad! I love the photos.

Herrad said...

Hi Dear Stephany,

Hope you have a good afternoon and evening.

Hopw you had a good time with your daughter on Wednesday?

Tkae care of yourself.
Have a good weekend.

Celeste Maia said...

I just "fell" from the sky and landed on your blog! I love it! Your photos are fantastic! You are fantastic! That sky in Trinidad made me dream. I live in Madrid where it is unbearably hot. I have CLL, I am a painter and a children's book writer and illustrator. Just started a blog myself, but am still learning. So much to learn, and when I see blogs like yours I realize I am a long ways yet...If you are curious here's the link
Cheers, Celeste P.S. I put your blog with my favorites.

mortonlake said...

hello herrad,just popped in to say hi really.take care love mort.x

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maia,

How wonderful to get your comment, I am so glad you ''fell'' from the skies.
Looked on your blog and really like it.
Have become a fdollower of your blog.
It looks very good, love the colors and shapes.

Hi Mort,

How special to hear from you.
How are you doing hope you are better than recently.
You take care too.

Have a good Sunday.

Lille Diane said...

I want to eat that first picture!!! Oh my that looks so good! This is a beautiful post, Herrad. I wish you a happy Saturday, too!!!

Come over to my place and I'll take you on a kayak trip around the lake I live on. I posted a video of it yesterday. :-)
Hugzzzzz, Herrad!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Lille Diane,

What a great kayak ride, thanks so very much.

Thats a bake and shark you wanted to eat, the bake is a savory doughnut snd the shark is white fish fillet, highly seasoned full of pepper plus salads and sauces and chutney.

Have a good Sunday.