Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Awoke at around 6 am for the first time it was nice and cool fell asleep again until 10 am.

That was very pleasant indeed and today for the first time in days did not start to weep.

At 10 am it was still good fresh air with a gentle and constant breeze which made life good.

After my arm and leg exercises and leg massage took thc and baclofen and ate a mango and did not want to do much apart from visit and read other people's blogs.

Had a very good time and happily ate a few tamarind sweets and sipped lemonade which was very pleasant.

Marianne came round as she does evry Tuesday this time she brought me a delicious mackerel roll and we both enjoyed the lemonade, Richie had just made it and she was astounded how nice it was.

The bearable weather lasted until 3 pm and then the temperature went bananas.

Now I am going to stop have some thc to get ready to be rolled around so Richie can put the sling on me so he can hoist me out of bed for a quick shower.

Might write more later but this could be it for today.

Tomorrow intend to organise some things so that they do not keep bothering me and I can enjoy all I can of this summer.

Hope you are all having a good day.

Take care to keep cool.


Stan said...

Dearest Herrad:

I truly hope you enjoy this very day.

It's always nice when the morning air has that fresh and cool feeling when awakening from slumber in the morning.

I'm sending along kind thoughts, and just laugh or two for good measure.


Joan said...

Not been too hot up here in Scotland today a bit misty early on but brighterned up to a pleasant 22c. Glad you are having abetter day today and it was a bit cooler earlier pity it went bananas later. Hope you had a good shower it does make a big difference. Take care Love Joan.

Herrad said...

Hi Stan,

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Despite the heat have been ok today

laughing has certainly helped.

Hi Joan,

Thanks for coming by nice to see your comment.

Felt alot better after a shower and now it has got cooler which is great.

Have a good day tomorrow.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Love the photos and glad it was a good day until the heat. Hope for good days for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm glad you had some cool weather for a change! Our weather was cooler too. I'm late wishing you a great day again, been busy organizing the photo club for tomorrow's publishing! I climbed the mountain again, this time with my new glasses and I was overwhelmed by what I was able to see! Wishing you a pleasant sleep with nice dreams!!!

Webster said...

Hi Herrad.

A refreshing shower does make one feel better.

I wish you a lovely summer day.

Oz Girl said...

Hello Herrad, it sounds like you had a rather lovely morning, with the cool breeze. I do love a cool breeze, such a simple thing yet so joyous and luxurious I think.

Sending some hugs and a wish that tomorrow is a good day for you!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)


You inspire me with your writing. I don't notice the cool breeze, the sunshine, the cold weather, lemonade, mackeral and other things which makes you so happy. There are many things to be learnt from you. You are just great.

The photos of people enjoying themselves are excellent.

Have a wonderful day Herrad:)

Herrad said...

Hi Kim,
Nice to see your comment.
Hope you have good days too.

Hi Rain,
The cooler weather must have made climbing pleasanter for you.
Great photo of the tree, look forward to seeing the new photo on your http://blogger-friends-photo-club.blogspot.com/ .
Enjoy rediscovering the world with your new glasses.

Hi Webster,
Nice to see your comment.
Hope you have a lovely summer day too.

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your good wishes.
Every now and then there is a breeze which is as you say quite luxurious.
Makes life pleasanter.

Hi Joseph,
I find you and the other blogs I visit also very inspiring.
The blogsphere is good for us all the friendship and support is amazing.

Thanks everyone for coming by and saying nice things to me it really does help me to remain positive and determined to enjoy life.
Hope you have a good day.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I am so glad you were able to truly enjoy a beautiful day. I hope there is more of this coming your way. Thank You for stopping by yesterday and giving me encouragement. That made my day.

Herrad said...

Hi Tara,

Hope today is good for you.
Thanks for coming by and making my day today.