Monday, June 22, 2009


Celeste Maia said...

Here in the Iberian Peninsula where I live they dont have these fun traditions, which is too bad. Enjoyed the video.
How are you doing?

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maia,

Glad you enjoyed the v0ideo clip.

Aren't there traditional dances for festivities?

Thanks for asking how I am, I guess ticking along, some pain.

The sun is shining so outside looks nicer.

Hope you are doing well and enjoy the day.


ps Love your name wonder does it mean something, think it has to but what?

Lucy said...

Herrad please come to my blog and pick up a bow-award I have for you. It explains a little about the award ND i consider the gentleman who made the award a true gentleman. How many men Bow to a person they admire because of what I thought was a simple statement. I have not been in for a while except to look at your fur babies and comment on them. You are so brave as is Mort but I think Mort has about all he can do at the moment, taking care of his mum, and himself. Just please pass it along to someone you admire for some thing said or they have done. I hope you are doing well. Lucy

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks so much for this award, will enjoy passing this on to a couple of other people.


steve said...

I'm trying to pick out Richie in the video. Was he injured in a tragic Morris Dancing accident earlier in the day and had to sit this one out? Or maybe his tassels were at the cleaners.

Celeste Maia said...

Yes, there are traditional dances for special festivities, but not for the wonderful pagan occasions like the solstice. Glad to know you are "ticking along" me...but not happy about the pain, I hope it will get better.
My name? Celeste means blue, or "heavenly". Ha, dont feel very heavenly.
Take care, Celeste

Anonymous said...

Oh that was just lovely!!!!! Thanks Herrad!

Libby said...

herrad, this video is simply lovely!! it made me smile today, something i simply didn't thinl was possinle, since i'm in a "snit" (just a relapse & a bad mood, no pain, just a headache!) i wish we did stuff like that in the usa!

Blue said...

Hei Herrad,
Here I am. I'll try to remember.I put this site on the table.

Blue said...

I cannot see my comment.
Is it nessesery to save commemts?
If you have same comments you don't like, you can allways delete them---!That what I do.

Chekoala said...

Hey Herrad

Been a bit bunkered down at this end of the planet with the flipside here, the Winter Solstice. The weather is thrillingly chill and blustery, making it - well if not for your pics and the fact that Copernicus has not been considered a heretic for some time now - hard to believe it could possibly be summer solstice anywhere else in the world at the mo'.... let alone Morris dancing too!

cheers muchly

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,

He is directing the action from the sidelines.
He choreographed the entire dance.

Hi Celeste Maia,

I thought Celest must mean heavenly but wanted to check.
It certainly is a beautiful name, do hope you feel heavenly sometimes.
Today the pain is not too intrusive, the thc has relaxed me enough to enjoy the moment.

Hi Rain,

Glad you liked it, Richie reckons the English rugby team should perform a Morris Men's dance before a game like the New Zealand All Blacks do the Haka before a game.

Hi Libby,

Glad you liked it too, there are Morris Men in America have a look on line, I read that the first Morris Men in the USA was in 1583.

Hope your headache has gone away today.

Hi Blue,

Lovely to see you here, think you were quicker than me that is why you did not see your comments before now.

Hi Chekoala,

Blimey that cold is it?
Mind you our last winter was extremely cold so much so it killed alot of mosquitos so we are only now got the little darling eating us alive.

Thanks for all your visits really lovely to get them too.
Have a good day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!!! That Haka is so freaking cool!!!!! Talk about intimidation!!! Loved it!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

The Haka is very scary thats why Richie thinks the English team should perform as Morris Men after the Haka.

That would scare the New Zealand team he reckoned.