Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Dramatic Night.

 Country road in Provence by night

Vincent Van Gogh.

We had another dramatic evening and night last night, Richie had put the heating on before taking me into the shower room for a much needed shower.

Something was not quite right so he left me wrapped in a warm towel while he went to investigate what was happening.

It turned out to be the heating which was not working, so there was no heating and no warm water, it was quite an unpleasant surprise.

Richie washed me using a kettle  of hot water, it worked out alright but was nothing like as nice a a lovely hot shower.

Once in the fromt room, at 19.15 I called our landlordo’s emergency telephone number, they said a central heating engineer would call us and come out to mend our boiler.

At 21.40 and 22.40 I was told the same thing each time again with no result, we were still sitting in the cold.

Finally at 23.40 a call center operative told us that no one would be out that night, in fact they only came out if it were under freezing  or there was a flood.

Glad we finally got the truth and we could go to bed shame the three others had not been equally truthful.

Today I finally could speak to the heatiing engineers  call center at 11 this morning and heard someone woujld be here between 12  and 18, I asked for someone as soon as possible.

They said they were very busy and could not promise anything, and someone arrived at 11.45 and by 12 we were warm again.

I called them back to thank them for their quick response and good care and I was thanked profusely, apparently no one ever calls them back to thank them, I am so glad I did.


JC said...

I'm glad you are warm now.

Tracey's Life said...

Herrad, I am so glad that you got your heating back on, however I am quite distressed that you went the evening with no heat. Is there anyway that your Landlord or the repair company can make note that you are disabled and should receive priority treatment? When your muscles don't work the way they should, I am sure that you must catch cold easier.

It is not right or fair that you went a night with no heat.

Anonymous said...

uf ... how good to know you are all warm now. Living in a rather old house the heating can only be turned on by the owner, who lives the floor above, and one has to hope that he is either at home, or doesn't think it is still warm enough.
Other times we are with the Aircondition, which however costs a bit of money.
Glad that temperature still above ten degrees during the day, about half during the night. An easy and good Friday for you all.

Webster said...

The only thing worse than being too hot is being too cold - or so it seems at the time.

How are the new specs?

Herrad said...

Hi my dear friends,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.