Thursday, January 06, 2011

A New Start And A New Name.


Yesterday was a very exhausting day we were both pretty relieved, me especially once the catheter problems had been resolved.

Just after I posted yesterdays blog post and was settling down to a relaxed evening when the phone rang.

It was Rebecca, a woman who I had been in touch with just after Spike died who wanted to find a new home for her Jack Russell.

When I first got in touch with Rebecca, we were just too late as the dog had been placed taken on a trial placement.

We were both disappointed as he looked a nice little dog, so I sent Rebecca a mail asking her to let me know if it did not work out.

I did have an e- mail on Monday telling me the trial placement was not working and wondering whether we would still be interested in her dog.

Immediately mailed that we were and waited to hear more, on Tuesday evening Rebecca called to say she wanted to meet us.

She said she would call us later that evening but she did not, I mailed her the next day to find out what was happening, and if it was happening.

She mailed me that it was and she would be in touch, did not hear anything all day
then at 19.00 Rebecca called to arrange a meeting.

She suggested we meet at the station at 20.15 and if the dogs were ok with each other we could take him home.

Richie went down to the station to meet Rebecca and Jacky, the dogs got on ok so he came home at 21.00 with our new dog.

He was very excited to be here and started playing with the dog toys like he had never seen any before, it was a sweet sight

Several toys did get destroyed in the process, we decided after seeing him playing happily to rename him Cyril, a new start and a new name.



Tracey's Life said...

Oh Herrad - what wonderful news! I am happy for you and Richie and Marleen!

Muffie said...

Yay, a new puppy! Hope that Cyril knows what a loving family he has now. Be sure to post some photos so we can all enjoy the new doggie!

Anonymous said...

What a joy to see and see. All the very best and a good Friday for you all as well.

Karen said...

That's super Herrad! And Cyril is a fantabulous name.

janis said...

What a wonderful new start for this little guy! I meet my Therapist's newest member tonight. A sweet very timid Puppy Mill rescue named Pretzel. What a sweetheart! A perfect "start" for Pretzel. She is already loved by her family including the family's two other dogs, but Pretzel has a job as well & goes to work w/ Betsy... she is the Assistant :) and makes the office so calm.
Thank you for sharing Cyril's pictures and congrats to you all. Also hope you are feeling much better today.
Love janis

Stan said...

That's great news Herrad, Nothing like a new doggy addition to the family....Very Happy for you....I'm sure Marleen is thrilled to have a buddy in her pack...

Stephany said...

Fantastic Herrad and Richie! I'm happy for all of you, I bet Marleen likes a new buddy!


Kris said...

Aw so cute!!!! Great news! :o)

Darlene said...

I am so happy for you and Richie. is happy too looking down from above, You will see Cyril takes on alot of Spikes traits.

Gareth said...

O wonderfull news and look forward to meeting Cyril in a couple of weeks. Have a pleasent weekend folks GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Everyone,
Brilliant getting your 10 wonderful comments.
Cyril is a lovely little dog.
Glad we found him as he really needed a good home right now.
So he can finally enjoy his life.
Can't believe someone treated him so badly for so long.
Thanks to you ten dear friends for your visits and comments.

mortonlake said...

sweet.glad you found each other. tc love mort xx