Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cyril Is Getting Happier Everyday.

The Red Tower.
Giorgio de Chirico.

I meant to write about Cyril yesterday until the drama of the broken adaptor happened; by the time Richie came back I was pretty frazzled.

Glad I managed to maintain a calm exterior; inside I was anything but calm, inside I was extremely upset.

So pleased that I did not let rip and upset myself even more than I already was, there was no point at all in getting unnecessarily upset about something I could not influence in any way

I had wanted to post about Cyril, who is settling in very nicely, he seems to like us a lot already.

Following Richie everywhere, when I am in bed he is nearby, either under or next to my bed, he even dragged a dog blanket to the foot of my bed.

He loves getting up on my bed, in fact he jumped up three times not long after he got here on Wednesday.

Which was sweet, since then when he wants to be on my bed,  he stands looking at me and squeaking until Richie puts him up on my bed.

Cyril and Marleen are getting on well; they are starting to become buddies, Friday and yesterday they played together lots in the park.

They have also been running around in the house, and playing growling at each if the other comes near their special toy.

Both are very obviously enjoying the interaction with each other, so glad we have given Cyril a go.

He is a sweet, loving and very playful little dog, who really seems to like us, Marleen and his new routine.

Still can not believe that someone could have had this delightful little dog and not treated him well.

The long toenails indicate that he was never taken for a walk, certainly not for several years, he had Howard Hughes’s style toenails which were too long for him to walk well.

Amazing but seems there is a lot of this negligence mainly due to ignorance about what a dog needs.

On Thursday Cyril had this years injections, got chipped so if he gets lost we can find him, he had his nails clipped and Richie de-wormed and de-fleaed him at home.

So he is all set now to enjoy his new life with us, which seems to really agree with him, he is showing all the signs of getting happier everyday



Anonymous said...

May the whole new week be filled with such joy and happiness for you all.

janis said...

Joy Joy Joy♥ So glad Cyril was found by you♥ Sounds like puppy love♥

Patrick said...

Dogs, PC's ... is there no end to Richie's talents? You've got a star carer there Herrad.

Cargivingly Yours, Patrick

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
It was all set to ve a good week until we both got bronchitis...ouch

Hi Janis,
It is puppy love, he is a love.

Hi Patrick,
You are right Richie is wonderful.

Thanks for your visits.
Too ill to write more.
L ove,