Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Tiring Day.

Yves Tanguy.

What a very tiring day today has been, we were awake at 7.30 this morning, and Richie got me out of bed and into the shower between 08.15 and  08.30.

I was showered, dried and dressed by 09.30 and we were ready for our first appointment with an engineer from RTD Het Dorp who was going to remove the controls from the bed.

Then at 11.00 Beenhakker, the bed company would collect the old bed, once that was removed they would bring the new bed and put it in the bedroom.

Then RTD Het Dorp would attach their finger touch controls to the bed, sadly they were not here and at 11.00 Beenhakker were here but no RTD Het Dorp.

The men from Beenhakker were not amused, so I phoned and was told someone was on their way, they had been stuck in traffic and would arrive in 15 minutes.

Beenhakker were slightly mollified by the news and worked away to get their bit done before  RTD Het Dorp got here.

RTD Het Dorp arrived and took their controls off the bed and all was done quickly, then Beenhakker left with the old bed.

Everything was going well until Welzorg arrived two hours early for my wheelchair.

The delivery man left after talking to his planning department and agreed to return at 15.00 when the bed was done and I could go back to bed.

All went well and after doing my leg exercises I was back in bed very tired by 14.30, my wheelchair was collected at 15.00 .

So everything worked out well.


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend.

I am glad all worked out in the end. You have such a enduring and strong spirit.

Have a fabulous day.
My regards to Richie.

Rhapsody (Trini gal)

soulsoprano said...

Though I know you are thankful for all of the wonderful help you receive dealing with your mobility issues, Herrad, still, days like these must be the most exasperating of all, days when your whole entire day is devoted to dealing with things related to your illness. I know for me, it would be so frustrating, wishing I could be doing other things instead. You are such an inspiration to choose a path of a calm and positive attitude in everything, and I admire you for it, even though I know you are just human, and inside you probably want to scream sometimes! Love you, Herrad, and just wanted to to know how much your blog means to me. It helps me to put my own meager problems in perspective. Blessings to you, my friend! --Kristen

Herrad said...

Hello my dear friends
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.
It really gave me a boost seeing them.