Sunday, January 02, 2011

Participating In The World.

Giorno Di Mercato, 1976

Expressionist Art.

Emilio Guiseppe Dossena.

The thing I love most about the internet is that it gives me the ability to communicate with people all over the planet.

That is really what the internet is all about, simple and straightforward communication and participation. 

Nothing compares I think to the pleasure of "talking" to people every single day around the world and sharing our stories and information.

I get an opportunity to explain my opinions, viewpoints and share information which may be helpful to others. 

My words are not changed by anyone, every post, with the occasional interesting article, has been written by me. 

My blog welcomes comments which lets visitors tell me what they think of my posts and share their stories.

In the 4 years since I started blogging I have made many friendships and received and given alot of support.

I get a lot of positive feedback and comments which make my life so much better and stops me being isolated.

When I got my MS diagnosis on 19 July 2006, I started blogging the next month to receive and share information about MS and the difficulties of becoming handicapped.

This was also in order to make sense of what was happening to me, but also to communicate with other people with MS and without MS.

I believe that blogging has expanded my horizons and I have no doubt that the internet has saved my life. 

It enables me to communicate with others around the world, even when I could not leave my bed for two years.

This was from August 2008, due to a pressure wound, this finally healed in August 2010 and I could sit in my wheelchair once again.

Since early 2009 I have been writing a blog post every single day, something that would have been unheard of 3 years ago. 

I communicate regularly with people I have never, and sadly, will never meet, except online. 

The internet has enabled me to communicate with others and be part of the world.

That is what the internet has done for me, it enables me to participate not just to consume, and despite my MS I can and do participate in the world.

It has helped me despite my severe disability caused by my MS to communicate, which has been and still is being a supportive and liberating experience for me.


sue said...

.....and I am going to try and ensure I read your blog's interesting, inspirational and I have to ask have you ever posted the same picture twice over all those years? I know there is enough art in the world, but you must be very organized!!

Muffie said...

I'm thankful for the worldwide web, also. It's through blogging (reading and writing) that I got to meet YOU, and that has been a great pleasure. You inspire me with your forthright attitude, and I love hearing about your life in Amsterdam. Never say never -- who knows, one day we may all get to meet each other in person! Take care, Herrad, and thanks for being YOU!!

Che koala said...

Agreed Herrad - I never cease to have a sense of wonder at the connections I would not otherwise have without this amazing thing, the internet. Not least the privilege of having 'met' you and Richie.

Much 2011 year cheer

ρομπερτ said...

Yes, the internet does change life. It is even responsible for me being married.
Of pleasure to 'meet' you more than a year ago already. Wishing you all a good start into the new week.

Matt Allen G said...

"I communicate regularly with people I have never, and sadly, will never meet, except online. "

This makes me sad as well, I have made so many GOOD friends that I want nothing more to meet in person, I hate that we are limited to an online friendship but at the same time I am grateful to communicate with these people.

Though the numbers disagree I have to agree with Muffie, Never say never, I know there are several friends I have made whom if I had the money I would travel to go visit but RIGHT NOW** I don't have that money, but someday I will.

For now, guess we can all settle for the internet!!!!!!! :^b

Webster said...

Finding your blog has been one of my great pleasures. I look forward to reading you daily.

We've been having frigid weather since Christmas (it's 22F right now), with just enough snow to keep the streets icy, especially at night. That's due to change by Wednesday. I can't wait.

Stay warm and be well.

Charisa said...

Happy new year! I agree, the internet has opened up the world and made it so much smaller. I don't have any other friends in the Netherlands!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree! I love this communication with the world. I find it fascinating!

LauraX said...

Herrad you have expressed the joy of blogging and the connection and feeling of community it creates for those of us who don't get out much. Thank you for this beautiful post:)

Herrad said...

Hi Sue,
Good to see your comment and to find out that it was indeed you.
Really glad you are reading my blog.
It has been very good to reconnect with you on Face Book.

Hi Muff,
I am also glad we have met, the internet is brilliant and blogging has made all the difference to me.

Hi Chekoala,
It is brilliant isn't it, excellent to meet you, like you I am constantly delighted at how good it is to be able to make the connections we have made.

Hi Robert,
You are right about the internet, glad it has brought you such happiness.
Glad we have met.

Hi Matt Allen,
Good we all can make these online connections.
And who knows maybe someday we can meet some of the people we have got to know online.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your kind words.
I too am very happy we have met.
Good to be friends with you.

Hi Charisa,
The internet certainly has certainly expanded my world.
Very pleasant memory of meeting you, so good to see your first comment.

Hi Kim,
It is brilliant to communicate with the world.

Hi LauraX,
Thanks for your kind words, I am happy everyday that I am able to communicate.
So important to keep us connected to the world.

Thanks to all of you dear friends for coming by.
So glad we have been able to connect.
Communication and participation are so important for us all.
The internet has expanded my world and allows me to meet all of you which is wonderful.