Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Dogs.


I am going to take it very easy today; I am starting to get better slowly from this very nasty influenza.

But I have to be extra careful right now that I do not overdo things, which is so easily done.

I also have new lenses in my spectacles which need getting used to, over a few days so as not to tire my eyes.

Richie is also recovering; he has just taken the dogs to the park, which news was greeted with happy barking from the dogs.

Marleen and Cyril are getting very friendly and enjoy each others company very much, which is lovely to see.

Cyril seems to like it here, he is putting on weight and muscle, and he likes his new routine and us and especially Marleen’s company.

So glad we took Cyril and have given him a new life, one that he seems to shave needed desperately.

Good to see him slowly coming out of his depression and getting happy here with us.
We have our good friends from Wales, Gareth and Paul visiting us later, they are in Amsterdam for a quick visit, looking forward to seeing them later this evening.


JC said...

I'm glad that Cyril is doing well with you. Hope you keep feeling better each day ....

Anonymous said...

Slowing down, probably one of the greatest challenges humankind looks at nowadays indeed.
Wishing you all an easy and kind Sunday.

janis said...

Cyril & Marleen are Lucky Dogs!
Glad your specks came. I hate getting use to new glasses.
Continue to mend, glad you are taking it easy. Blessings to Richie too.

Herrad said...

Hi dear friends,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.