Friday, January 21, 2011

A Very Cold January Friday..

Woman with a Guitar, 1913
Aristarkh Lentulav

We both really enjoyed the central heating working again yesterday and our lovely hot showers that we had.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and the warm towels, when Richie had fished showering me.

Really gorgeous to be dried off with warm towels, it just makes it so especially nice, an enjoyable experience.

Certainly made up for the discomfort of the day before when the heating suddenly was not] working, that was a huge shock for us both.

Glad the heating engineer came here as quickly as he did so yesterday as the weather was getting noticeably colder.

Today it is even colder as it was last night too, bloody freezing which was why it was such a bright sunny day, today is not so bright but Richie says that it is freezing cold outside.

Got woken up just before 8 this morning by someone from Welzorg trying to organise picking up my wheelchair.

The new steering mechanism has to be fitted into the middle of the Perspex work surface that fits over my electric wheelchair.

I am looking forward to this being done next week Tuesday/Wednesday, which can not happen quickly enough for me now.


Muffie said...

Glad your heat got fixed! Stay warm! We are very cold here also, but I'm staying indoors.
Sounds like that new steering mechanism is just what you need.

Webster said...

Warm towels!? Richie spoils you. My hubby has never handed me a warm towel ever! That would be bliss.

Glad the heat and water heater are working again. Cheers.

LauraX said...

Herrad it is bitter cold here too...but to go without heat...oh my. Sometimes we lose power...two years ago we had a week in January with no power had to stay at a we have a generator. I'm glad your chair will be back soon!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my sweet friend.

You make being towelled of sound positively wonderful, hmmmmmm....

Not having heat in the winter is no cake walk, have mercy, I am thankful for you and richie and your pets. Great you will be getting your wheels fixed, it would be a blessing for you,

Have a wonder filled day, my regards to Richie.

Herrad said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.