Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Down Again By Welzorg.

Flying Dutchman,2006.
George Grie.
Got let down yesterday by Welzorg, who did not bring the wheelchair back at 13.00, as they had promised and as they themselves had planned.

What annoyed me was the lack of communication from their side; they must have known quite early yesterday that they could not get the work done on time.

I learned during my working life that bad news is better communicated quickly to the customer, and then you explain how you will remedy the situation for them.

Yesterday I called but could not get through to Welzorg’s planning department, so then I mailed them and got no reply, finally phoned again and managed this time to speak to their planning department.

This was at 15.30, so two and a half hours, after the promised time of 13.00 I was told that I would have to do without my wheelchair until today.

What a disappointment and what an unprofessional and uncaring way for Welzorg, to treat their customers.

But sadly yesterday was just another example of how Welzorg treat their handicapped customers; they obviously do not bother to deliver any care whatsoever.

My wheelchair came back at 11.30 today, I wish I could say that they had done a good job but sadly they did not.

They put the steering mechanism into my Perspex wheelchair table alright but did not allow enough room for it being lifted up and folded down next to the wheelchair.

This happens regularly, everytime I need to use the Motomed or transfer in and out of the wheelchair.

Because they did not allow for it being lifted in front of my face it means that the Perspex skims my face and could hurt me each time it is moved.

Richie’s solution is to take the table off so as to not to hit me in he face or eyes, which is  not really a good long term solution as it is heavy and clumsy.

The Perspex table is designed to be slid away from the person in the wheelchair and folded down on the right side.

Not to be wrestled with by Richie and perhaps strain his back in the process, shame Welzorg did not get this simple bit of engineering that is key to the functionality of the Perspex table done well.


JC said...

You must be so frustrated ... hope you can get them to fix it for you.

Webster said...

I'm sorry this keeps happening to you. When they noticed their mistake - they did notice it didn't they? - what did they say? Clearly this has to be made right for you (and Richie.)

Jeanie said...

I'm sorry you were so badly let down by Welzorg Herrad. You would think that since repairs etc are to do with their business, they would stay on top of their promises.
Jeanie xx

Muffie said...

So sad that you have to go through this all the time. Hope they can right the situation, and you won't have to wait long for the correction.

Herrad said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.
Good to see them, thanks for your friendship and support.