Sunday, January 23, 2011

An incredible breakthrough

Pablo Picasso, Three Musicians (1921),

Cyril is coming along very well; he seems to be coming out of his depression now, which is so very good to see.

Since last Saturday he has been able to play the tug game with Richie, which he became too scared to do.

First thing when Richie came back from the shop, with new toys for the dogs, Cyril was keen to play the tugging game.

But somehow he shocked himself by all the growling he was doing while holding onto the tug.

It worried him so much that he could not go on anymore; it also made him very nervous and worried about any contact.

In the evening he finally allowed Richie to stroke him ands enjoyed being cuddled, then Marleen demanded a game with her tug.

Cyril watched fascinated but very worried, when they were finished, he went over to the tug Marleen had discarded and sniffed it extensively.

Then he returned to his bed and crawled with a huge effort under his blanket, only to jump out again as soon as he was covered up.

He walked up to the tug, picked it up and walked straight up to Richie and thrust it at him and demanded a game.

An incredible breakthrough for a clever little dog, Cyril is a real sweet dog, we are looking forward to seeing him getting even fitter and happier  


janis said...

ohhh.. do you suppose, he has been abused when growling prior? I am sure in time he will be happier & more trusting. Our little Dakota is a puppy mill Pomaranian & although he has been with us most his life, he will still get very scared at certain things. We cant raise our voices to him,& must use caution when redirecting him when naughty. He is a spoiled lovey, but I hate the Amish Puppy Farm that terrified & damaged him.

Anonymous said...

rare things search for something alike. you are certainly one kind of love providing people. please have you all a wonderful new week.

Webster said...

I was thinking the same thing as janis - that perhaps he used to get punished for making growly noises. Good thing he has the two of you.

Angie said...

Cyril is a lucky little lad to have a family who cares so much about him. As we dog lovers have always known "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners"

JC said...

I'm glad he'll be taken care of with you. Give it time ...

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Glad to hear Cyril is coming along. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi dear friends,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments which were good to see.