Sunday, January 09, 2011

Saturday, 8, January, 2011. Dramatic Saturday.

A very late post today because I was so tired after the drama of the laptop adaptor suddenly not working.

A very brief post today because I was so tired after the drama of the laptop adaptor suddenly not working.

What a horrible shock that was today, happened not long after I started up my laptop, one minute the battery was 100% and charging.

The next it was not charging and losing power rapidly, it went from 100% to 96% at top speed.

Richie tried all sorts only to eventually conclude that I needed a new adaptor, so there I was with no laptop and no contact with the internet, for what seemed liked forever and was just three hours.

Afterwards Richie said it was awful seeing me being so calm and stoical, he knew then that I was really upset.

I felt extremely upset contemplating having to wait until Tuesday until an ordered adaptor could be supplied by MyCom, who I phoned to see if they had an adaptor.

They suggested I come to their shop and try the universal adaptor first and if that did not work they could order one for me.

Richie went down with my laptop and did not return for more than a couple of hours, when he did he had an adaptor for me.

Brilliant, he had been ages waiting to be helped before finding out MyCom could not help me, well not until Tuesday, as they had to order an adaptor.

Richie paid for an adaptor, left the shop unhappy that I would not be connected until Tuesday, and then, he remembered a small computer shop up the road, and went there.

He got lucky when after much rummaging the man in the shop found an adaptor for me it was wonderful when Richie arrived back with it and I was once again connected.


Anonymous said...

what a hero. peaceful sleep for you all and a good sunday too.

Tracey's Life said...

Wonderful new! Enjoy tomorrow with no drama :)

janis said...

Cyril is looking sweet & adjusting to his new home.
Amazing how you were able to stay calm...the internet, computer, our "connecting ability", when we get disconnected, or have a problem, I panic! So glad Richie was able to solve things. I agree... You have a hero♥

Karen said...

Such a lovely picture of Cyril.

Herrad said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated vomments.