Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Better Bit By Bit

Alexej von Jawlensky

Yesterday was a better day for me; finally my chest was not as congested as it has been since last Sunday.

I made the mistake of not sitting up to sleep on Sunday and Monday night which resulted in my chest totally filling up.

As it is extremely difficult for me to cough up anything, my chest became ripped to shreds by my desperate and prolonged coughing.  

It was a pleasure not to spend the day coughing yesterday; very nice indeed, the other nice thing was that I felt like eating yesterday.

Have been feeling nauseous all week and only was able to eat lentil soup, which is never a problem for me to eat.

On Friday I also could eat bread and marmite which was very nice, real comfort food, certainly for me, bread and marmite is easy to eat.

Last night Richie made fresh pasta which he served very simply with finely chopped garlic, leek and grated parmesan cheese with olive oil.

For the very first time this week I ate with an appetite and without feeling nauseous, which was a good feeling.

I even had an extra spoonful of pasta and after dinner I asked for a couple of strands of candied mango with chilli which was a delicious treat for me last night.

Looking forward to getting better bit by bit and day by day, I know that it may take as much as two months for me to recover fully.

Richie has just gone out with the dogs to the park, much to their delight; I look forward to their return and tales of the dog’s happy games together.



Patrick said...

Slow and steady - wins! Glad to read you are mending.

Caregivingly Yours,

Karen said...

Good to hear you are on the mend, and have an appetite!

JC said...

Good to hear that you a are a bit better. You are never far from my thoughts ....

Anonymous said...


Please have you all a wonderful start of the new week.

Webster said...

Gee whiz, I'm gone with a messed up computer for three weeks and look what happens! Well, I did stop by one day from DH's computer (which is hard for me to use.) My goodness!

Your basement flooded, you had your cath changed, your wheelchair was modified again, you got Cyris(!), and then you got sick! You've been a busy girl Herrad. I am very happy to know you don't have a full blown case of pneumonia, but the bronchitis/flu you do have sounds uncomfortable indeed. I'm very glad to know you're on the mend - what can you do but take it easy? As Patrick said - slow and steady. I'm sure Richie is tired, but he sure is doing a good job taking care of you and entertaining Marlene and Cyris.

Herrad said...

Hello Dear Friends,
Thanks for your visits, made me feel much better just seeing your supportive comments.
As Webster says it has been an eventful start to the year.
We discovered later that it was a deliberately started fire in the basement not a firework accident.
Think I prefer a duller start to the year.