Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Spectacles.

Alberto Giacometti.

I am starting to feel abit better today, glad that I am no longer on the antibiotics as they seem to really drain me of energy.

Today is going to be a short post as Richie is taking my glasses in right now so that the optician can put in the new lenses that I need to have.

Right now I am using my old glasses which are ok but not ideal, so I do not want to strain my eyes by too much close work.

Looking forward to getting my new glasses tomorrow afternoon at 16.00 when Richie can go and collect the updated spectacles, for me.

Will be good to get the updated glasses tomorrow afternoon, shame that I have to wait so long.

Last year the optician made my new spectacles the day after he came and measured my eyes for the new glasses.

I can hardly wait for my new glasses as already after just 30 minutes, the old ones are starting to bother me quite abit.

Richie has just gone down to the opticians now and will come back via the market and MyCom.

Once I have posted this I shall have to take it very easy and sadly that means no reading or writing for me until tomorrow afternoon.


janis said...

REstt up & don't overdo it. Post a picture of the new specks! Love to you♥

Gareth said...

Watcha Folks, glad to read your feeling a bit better hope that Richie is to.
Apple with dried fruit YUM, I remember my Mum doing that when I was a kid.
Well us all packed and ready for the Dam, Just played me set list of the Punkadelic night and feel more confident. Will relax and enjoy.US So looking forwad to seeing you folks, will be in touch and see ya soon

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Good news getting new glasses. You work hard on your wonderful blog-take a day off! Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi dear friends,
Thanks for your visits and much appreciated comments.