Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Back Home

 I am happy to be back home, feeling very tired and ill.
 My chest is gurgling away.
Hope it gets better soon.
The strong antibiotics and codeine are knocking me out too.
Thanks for alot for all you lovely messaages.


Stephany said...

I will be hoping the antibiotics kick this stuff out fast Herrad!


Muffie said...

Just rest, relax, and take your meds! We'll all be here waiting when you get better. Prayers and good thoughts for you...

Bibliotekaren said...

Glad to hear you're catching up on your soap -- a woman with priorities :)

Bask in the care from your gang and abroad. Hope you're better soon.


Karen said...

Get well soon Herrad.

Stephany said...

PS Having just dealt w bronchitus last couple of months I am rooting for this to leave your lungs!! too much work for you to cough.

I hope the dog buddies are keeping you and Richie cheered up with antics or dog behaviors for diversion!


Enjoying the Ride said...

Thinking of you! Get well.


Kris said...

Herrad, I do hope those meds kick in and you are feeling better. Stay warm! Thinking of you. :o)

Anonymous said...

home sweet home

many getting well wishes.

Amrita said...

So glad to hear from you. Wish you stregth, warmth and a speedy recovery

Herrad said...

Hello Dear Friends,
Brilliant seeing your comments, thanks for all your visits really appreciated seeing them once I could take a look at my laptop again on Wednesday.
It has been a very stressful week we are both hope that things will start to improve now.
Your supportive comments give me and Richrie such a boost which we need alot right now.
Thanks for your support,friendship and love.
Big hugs.