Friday, January 07, 2011

Cyril Blossoming And Enjoying His Life.

Brughels Highway.
Gordon Cheung.

Wednesday night went well Cyril played until he nearly dropped, so when we wanted to sleep I suggested Richie put a blanket on the floor by his bed.

Thought wee Cyril would find that reassuring and I was right it worked in fact so well that very soon he hopped up on the bed with Richie.

Cyril curled up next to him and slept peacefully the whole night and never disturbed once which was brilliant

First thing in the morning I called our vet and made an appointment to have Cyril checked out, have his yearly injections and micro chipped and have his long toe nails clipped.

Richie took him and Marleen to the park  in the morning where he had a great time before coming home for a great breakfast.

We decided that we would have to feed him up as he was rather thin, we were also told by Rebecca that he had lost weight at the other place.

The vet checked him out and said that his heart and lungs sounded very good but that he was too thin for a dog of 5.

He said that his long nails and lack of enough muscles indicated he had not been walked for a very long time, maybe as much as several years.

We were advised to give him extra food and plenty of exercise in order to bulk him up and turn him into a fit and happy dog.

Something we are extremely happy to do, he is a very sweet, playful and loving chap, he has settled here very quickly.

Which is great looking forward to Cyril blossoming and enjoying his life.



JC said...

He looks like a cutie.

Karen said...

So happy to hear Cyril has settled in. He does look quite thin, but I know you will have him in tip top shape in no time.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

This is wonderful news. Cyril is a great name. I am sure he will benefit from your love and care. Love,

Bibliotekaren said...

Am glad to hear about the new member of the clan. I bet he'll be fat and sassy soon.


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings and congratulations.
I trust all is well. Extend my greetings to Richie.

Stay blessed my friend, have a restful, joyfilled and pain free weekend

Webster said...

It seems that Cyril is (so far) blending in nicely with your pack. Hopefully he'll get used to toys and stop destroying them. That, or you'll have to replace them with tougher toys!
Happy for you.

Tracey's Life said...

Cyril has found his new forever home with you. I am so happy that you have this new addition to your family! I am sure you and Richie will take such good care of him. Glad to know things are working out.

Peace Be With You said...

A dog that has not been walked in years?! Boggles the mind. He is so lucky to have found you, though I'm sure you would add that you are lucky to have found him.

Herrad said...

Hi Dear Friends,
Thanks for your 8 visits, it is going very well with Cyril, he is a sweet dog.
Got bad bronchitis hence one response to you all.