Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worrrying day!

Herrad had a bad night. She coughed up blood this afternoon so I called the doctor, the bronchitis had developed into pneumonia and she was sent to hospital.  After tests X rays and a million questions she was allowed home. A sinister shadow on the X ray will require more investigation so we will back next week. At the moment she is on good form and catching up with her favourite soap.
Thanks for the kind wishes and messages of support- they mean a lot to us.


janis said...

Thank you Richie for the update. Please give Herrad a hug from me. Let her know I was thinking of her all day, then when I went to bed, I was watching International House Hunters. Wouldnt you know they had a gal looking in Amsterdam. I LOVED the canals and the quaintness. I thought of my dear friend & imagined Herrad showing me about. Love to you both, and in my prayers♥

Lisa Emrich said...

So glad that you were able to catch the pneumonia so quickly. And I'm glad that Herrad is home with you now. I hope that the next week progresses with great improvement with the pneumonia. Big hugs to both of you.

Anonymous said...

oh !

sending the strength i call me own, to make her better again. patience and hope for you two.

Tracey's Life said...

Thanks for posting an update Richie - please tell Herrad I will add her to my prayers for a speedy recovery. I know that with the MS it can sometimes be very difficult to cough, so I am hoping she recovers promptly and with no issues.

Hugs to Herrad

Stephany said...

I LOVE YOU HERRAD, I'm here cheering you on, get well.

Stan said...

Dearest Herrad:

I send out my deepest fond wishes & heart felt prayers my friend.

JC said...

Tell her I'm thinking of her.

kmilyun said...

Please send Herrad all our best wishes for her! Thank you for keeping us informed. I would have been more worried if I had not seen any posts on the blog.

Catfish and Annie dogs say hiya to Herrad, Cyril and Marleen, and Richie.

Get well ASAP Herrad glad you are catching up on your soap.

Angie said...

Which would be the favourite soap?
Get well soon!

Amrita said...

Oh Herrad please get well soon.

S.S-O said...

thanks for the update Richie...please let Herrad know that she is my thoughts. take care of you both!

Jeanie said...

Dear Richie

I am so glad Herrad is back home again instead of staying in hospital. Please wish her well from me. I hope she recovers quickly.
Saying a wee prayer for her now.
God bless you both.
Jeanie xx

Herrad said...

Hello dear friends,
Thanks so much for all your visits and comments which I saw on Wednesday.
Tuesday was a very worrying day, where I coughed for hours without being able to cough up anything.
Not surprising I guess to have coughed up blood as my chest felt shredded after coughing all night and day.
For now I am taking it easy and trying not to worry, not easy but so far it is achievable.
Thanks again for your supportive and lovely comments they help me alot.
Big hugs.