Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Solution Maybe In Sight.

David Schofield.

BRITISH SURREALISM - Founded in 1936 the British Surrealist group leading figures were David Gascoyne, Paul Nash, Roland Penrose and Herbert Read. In 1947 the British Surrealist group combined with their French counterparts. Red Rag British surrealist artists include: Simon Garden, and David Schofiel

Today has been a relaxed day; Richie cut my hair and filed my finger nails, I felt great once it was all done.

Funny how I always hate the idea of getting my hair done, but once it is done I feel really great.

Ever since I started having my hair cut short if it gets longer than a couple of inches long I don’t feel good, I always feel somehow slowed down.

As soon as my hair is short again I feel quicker, I know there is no link apart from psychological.

Short hair makes me happy and a happy me has no obstacles to think things through, I guess it makes me mentally more agile.

Glad I sent a mail to let the relevant people know about the problem with the wheelchair table and received an e-mail suggesting an appointment.

This will be at 15.30 this coming Wednesday, then Annelies and Harm from Welzorg, can come and see the problem for themselves.

Annelies says she has found out that Welzorg used a different bar to attach the table top too, she has mailed a request to them that this be sorted out quickly.

She hopes that the bar can be easily changed for one which allows the table to be pulled out further and this can be done soon.

Soon means because it is Welzorg that it will drag on for several weeks, if I am very lucky it will get sorted by the middle of February, b who knows maybe I will get lucky.

Not keen on 15.30 Wednesday as I already have an appointment at 13.30 until 4.30 then an hours break before seeing Annelies and Harm but if it means a solution is in sight it is ok.


janis said...

I always felt that women I knew that had short hair had a certain confidence. They have always been strong women.
I on the other hand hide behind my hair, always have. I remember being a young school girl, putting my head down and letting my hair swallow me up. I had very short hair once... It did not become me, I was young, it was too short, and everyone said I looked like a little boy.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
I used to hide in my hair too.
I have such curly hair it became big rather than long.
Have had it cut short since 2000 and love it.
Your hair suits you very well.
Thanks for your visit.