Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Worse Today.

The Railway Crossing, 1919, oil on canvas.
Ferdinangd Leger.

Today I am feeling a touch worse than yesterday; mind you I did manage a reasonable Physiotherapy session at lunch time today.

It is all one step forward and two steps back at the moment and this, I think will be the situation until I am totally recovered from this horrid flu.

Strange to feel so much weaker than yesterday today, but I guess it is not odd at all as recovery from this strain of influenza is very difficult fro everyone.

Hope that I will feel like eating tonight, last night I was not so keen but did manage some mashed potatoes and a poached egg.

My big favourite at the moment is bread and marmite which I have always liked but especially right now.

Marmite and bread has been a great solution for me when I did not feel to eat anything, but had eat to in order to start getting better.

I am very happy that my session with Mathilde, my physiotherapist went so well today; it has given me a huge boost.

Which I really needed, especially today because I am abit weaker and do not want to get down and depressed too.

Difficult not to get down after such a heavy bout of influenza like the one that both Richie and I had, and which we are both slowly recovering from now.


Lisa Emrich said...


I do hope that you can beat this flu down quickly. I became sick almost two weeks ago with the flu and am still very weak. I had high fevers for seven days and now it is has turned into a sinus infection. Fortunately, it didn't get into my lungs.

This year's flu seems particularly nasty. Please do continue to eat well and take care of yourself. You can do this.

Big hugs,

JC said...

Hope you get better soon. Thinking of you !!!

Tracey's Life said...

Hang in there Herrad, hoping you are soon feeling better. Recovering from the flu is a process, be gentle with yourself.

Hugs to you both

Gareth said...

Hi folks, just sending BIG HEALING HUGS to ya BOTH. Marmite on bread a fav of mine to YUM LOVE G@PXXX
just making some Mango chutney as one does :)

LauraX said...

Sorry you are feeling so poorly Herrad...I will hold you in my prayers for healing from this soon. My go to food when I am sick is oatmeal.

janis said...

prayers & hugs from me too.
Get Well Damn it!!!
ps whats marmite?

Herrad said...

Hello Dear Friends,
Thanks for all y our visits, they mean al ot t o me and I a ppreciate all your supportive comments.
Very aware that it will take some time to recover from this years influenza.
I will tamke it very easy in order to get better and well.
Big hugs.