Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Happy Cyril.

Cyril and Marleen.
Today started grey and cloudy, it was still unpleasant after midday, so no sun breaking through like yesterday.

I slept well last night, took half of a 2 mg diazepam to relax my arms, which were painfully stiff.

Today was a quiet day, no appointments; no-one came by either, which was a shame.

The dogs were very excited when Richie came back from doing some shopping with toys and tripe for them.

It is lovely to see how happy Cyril is to get toys; we do not think he had many before.

Richie gets him toys every week and they really have helped to build up his confidence, he is much happier than he was when he was first here.

Marvellous to see him feeling so at home now and starting to be really happy and playful.

So very satisfying, to see a depressed dog like Cyril coming out of his shell and being a happy relaxed and confident little dog.

Glad we got him and gave him a second chance, especially as he was so thin and so neglected.

He looked like a pup, because he had not got enough muscles for a dog of nearly six.

Three months of extra food, exercise, play and cuddles have had a good effect; he now looks like a healthy dog.


janis said...

Cyril reminds me of our little Dakota. We got him from a Rescue Group. He was bought from a puppy mill... his leg was crippled (from being crushed in a door and not getting the medical help needed). He would have been destroyed :(
It took us two years to built his trust in humans enough to come to us for petting. Now he is a fat & sassy spoiled pooch that loves a good belly rub. However, he is very frightened still of everyone else.
So glad Cyril came into your lives.

Jeanie said...

They both look happy and smiley Herrad.It's amazing what TLC does to animals as well as we humans.
We have had sunshine since lunchtime here in the Lake District.
It has made such a difference from all the recent wind and rain.
Hope it gets to your neckof the woods soon!

Jeanie xx

Karen said...

What sweet dogs!

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
I agree it is good to build up a dogs trust and help them to blossom and enjoy their lives.

Hi Jeanie,
Good to hear your weather got better, ours is too. This weekend he weatherw should be very good.

Hi Karen,
Thanks, the dogs are very nice.

Thanks you 3 dear friends for coming by.