Monday, April 11, 2011

A Boost To My Confidence.

Surrealist Landscape 1938.
Peter Purves Smith.
Today I did not go further than the front room, as I am tired after yesterdays outing.

Plus staying up very late, to watch the football, Match of the Day and the Football League show.

It is great sitting here looking out on to a sunny street; it is nearly 19.30 now and t s still bright and light outside.

 Spring is really here and it is lovely to see it and to go out in the sunshine and feel the air on my skin after spending so much time inside.

The other thing I am enjoying is getting new clothes, shoes and jewellery and having fun wearing them too.

I do that even if I am not going out, realise now that doing this is very important for myself.

Being interested in my appearance, means that I am not depressed, it also means I understand how important it is for my self esteem.

When I had to spend so much time in bed it was difficult for me to take any pride in my appearance.

Right now I am more than making up for that and thoroughly enjoying myself; it gives me such a big boost to my confidence.



Travelogue for the Universe said...

You have a great style and must show it off! Enjoy Spring!

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks I will do both.
Thanks for coming by.
Enjoy your day.

Dan O'Neil said...

I can only imagine how it feels to have to come to terms with something like MS.

As a positive, I love the way you seem to be appreciating life - the simple feeling of having the sun shining on your skin, of appreciating new clothes and jewellery...

In your periods of wellness (however relative they are) you are finding ways of increasing your "presence", being more in the now than perhaps at any time of your life before now.

It's an inspiration and a privilege to read. Thanks, Dan

Herrad said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks for coming by reading and leaving your kind comment.
I appreciate your doing this, hope to see you again.