Sunday, April 24, 2011

So much for human rights.

Syrian Tank.

Today has been a relaxed day; we both slept quite soundly, both
with help of a sleeping tablet.

Something I have never known Richie to do before, not surprised, actually rather pleased, as he desperately needed a good nights sleep.

We were both awake at around 10 this morning, not long after Richie did my leg massage plus exercises, he then surprised me with a big Easter egg.

I was nice to take it easy enjoyable to wake feeling so refreshed after a good nights sleep.

After watching most of the Celtic v Rangers football match, Richie gave me a shower.

Then he got me dressed, perfumed just as we were discussing jewellery the door bell rang.

It was our good friend Christoph, it was lovely to see him and looking so well too.

We met in 2003 when I worked at a Sykes call centre, on the Verio Helpdesk, helping customers with their website problems.

Good to see him, Christoph and I drank some prosecco, we all ate polish chocolates that he brought for us plus small Easter eggs Richie had bought.

After Christoph left, Richie made delicious spinach/ feta quiche, salad, fried potatoes, I ate a bowl of homemade strawberry ice-cream.

Later on we watched Dutch news, and saw shocking images of people being killed by Syrian security forces.

One man covered in blood was running shouting the bastards are killing us and they killed him, shot him dead.

Shocking pictures, I was in floods of tears, we talked about it, I wondered whether the UN would take action.

Seems they won’t, as they rather do business with the devil they know, who knows who would take over.

Bahrain they won’t do anything as they are friends of the Saudi’s, plus the American fleet uses their harbour, an important strategic port near Iran.

Yemen is also friends of the Saudi’s, Tunisia has no oil and the government resigned in disgust, so nothing to do there.

So never mind they call these countries rogue states, the UN will not do anything to stop the murder of their citizens, unless they have oil.

So much for human rights.



Webster said...

No war was ever fought for human rights. There was always some other reason or benefit to be gained. The USA was mired in Vietnam for at least a decade and for what? I don't know. We are now involved to one degree or another in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, and keeping a close eye on North Korea. We have a president who wants to invest in renewable energy resources, and all anyone wants to do is drill, drill, drill for more oil.

I am sick of it all. I can do nothing about it - seriously. I just try to live as simply and green as possible.

Oh, and they don't show anyone getting shot on TV in the US. Oh no - that would make war too real.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
I agree with you, all we can do in all this oil madness is live our lives according to our own principles.

Seeing that mgan covered in blood screaming they are k6illi7ng us being killed right there and then was shocking.

There, but for locat3ion it could be us being killed, scary.