Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Good Apointment With Summit.

Karen Holtsmark.

This morning I got woken by something, that I realised later was the alarm, once I was awake, it was fine to get up at 08.00.

In fact it was good to have an early shower and be sitting dressed and in the wheelchair by 09.00.

Ruud from Summit was here at precisely 09.30 as we agreed; he had another good look at how I was sitting.

He pulled me a little higher up in the chair, which felt better; I no longer feel like I am not sitting up properly, felt like I was sitting slumped on the small of my back.

Sitting higher feels so much better, I am looking forward to my physiotherapy session tomorrow, now I am sitting better than I have been.

Very happy that how I was sitting has been sorted out now and being in the wheelchair from now on, will not mean Richie has to adjust me all the time I am in the wheelchair.

Ruud is very good at his work, which is incredibly reassuring and it is also very safe which is good.

He is a great advert for caring, committed people working with handicapped people, meeting someone like him makes up for meeting some others.

The ones who only seem to care about their salaries, I often wonder why people who seem not to like people work with people.



Jeanie said...

I think it's because the money lures them. Some peope will never find job satisfaction if money is all that draws them to a job.
I'm pleased for you that Ruud enjoys his job. That asset must give a knock on effect to all his clients.

janis said...

Im glad your sitting situation has been relieved. That would be such a relief to not slump, I can only imagine how the ache would become.

I agree about work and people all about salaries.
With my oldest studying to become a teacher, she though long & hard on this major as she realized the pay is very bad (and in our state, she must obtain a Masters as well as degree). But her heart is in it and she will make such an impact as a teacher.
Here in the States we overpay politicians, athletes, and entertainers, and cheat the service employees.
love to You & Richie~

Herrad said...

Hi Jeanie,
I agree with you, seeing Ruud is I am sure good for all his clients.
So many others really do not care about their client's welfare.

Hi Janis,
I am sitting much better now thanks to Ruud.
Good to hear that your oldest girl wants to become a teacher, I am sure she will be a great teacher.

Thanks both of you lovely friends for coming by.