Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday.

Beautiful sunny, warm day, both of us slept until midday, then Richie was busy for most of the afternoon.

I did not get out; the windows were open to enjoy the warm weather, which makes me hopeful.

Looking forward to going out without so many clothes, that will be very nice, I can’t wait.

Sadly Bolton were beaten 5-0 by Stoke, so it will be Manchester City v Stoke for the FA Cup final in May.

Now I shall not indulge in more speculations, certainly, not now I just saw Arsenal draw with Liverpool.

Going to ask a friend to help me get the paperwork sorted out for our tax returns, once that is done I can relax.

I organised a couple copies of two documents, we need in order to have all the paperwork ready to send to an acquaintance, that does our tax.

Good to have someone you know doing this, funny to think we met in the early eighties when we were squatters.

Now he does all the tax returns for many other ex-squatters, they may have passed anti squatting laws now.

That will not stop people, when there are once again so many homeless people, and so many empty houses/offices as a result of the economic crisis.


janis said...

Herrad~ Thats an interesting tidbit. You were once a sqautter? So were you homeless? Tell us your story. I am intrigued. You opened a can of worms... gotta share more now.
Isnt it interesting the many walks we have? Some of us have been through so many different situations, and some people live there live without any change at all. Love to you & have a beautiful day.

Karen said...

Cyril is such a cutie! Taxes are all done here! I hope you get to go outside soon and enjoy some warmer weather.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
When I was first here it was impossible to get a place to live, I met some squatters, it was legal then as long as the house was empty for a year.
After a a couple years the council bought the house from the speculator that owned it and I became a tenant with a low rent in 1983.
Speculuators buy properties and let houses rot so they can demolish listed properties and redevelop and make huge profits.
You are right we all have so many experiences, so many diffewrwent lives.
Glad we have met.p

Hi Karen,
Cyril is a gorgeous dog, happier everyday which is great.
Lovely weather here hope for you too.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by.