Thursday, April 14, 2011

Relaxing Day Despite The Stress.

Nightwork Is About To Commence, 1943.

Emmy Bridgewater.
Today was a relaxing day, despite problems such as a stiff painful elbow and right arm.

Also problems, with the new version of Firefox web browser, the big shock was that the settings had changed.

Suddenly no refresh button, no zoom and various other annoying things, which I hope to sort out later.

First I will listen to the radio, then do some more trouble shooting, hope that I can keep calm, something that I did not manage earlier.

Saw Mathilde, my wonderful physiotherapist this afternoon, I tried my best to stretch my right arm without success.

Feeling my right arm getting so painfully stiff and getting worse every day is upsetting me.

Guess all I can do, is what I do, which is to try to keep positive, make the best of my life.

Sometimes this is extremely difficult to do, this afternoon I had a moment of despair, everything got to me.

Luckily Richie returned with dogs, from the park, we listened to the Archer’s radio program, then Richie put me back to bed at my request, after sitting for over six hours..

After some delicious food, I feel so much better now, writing my post has helped.

As it usually does, it puts everything into perspective for me and helps me carry on.



janis said...

I do love hearing from you daily. Your post I look forward to and try to read daily.
Im sorry for your anxiety & moments of despair. I too feel so refreshed after writing.
love to you~
prayers for a happier more comfortable day tomorrow♥

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks for coming by I am always happy to see your comments.